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Campaign Spotlight: KFC’s ‘KFC YOU SOON’ playlist serenades customers as dine-in reopens

KFC fans can now enjoy the KFC restaurant experience once again, as the brand has reopened its doors for Dine-In (with social distancing measures in place). To serenade customers back to its stores, KFC, together with agency Naga DDB Triballaunched a specially curated 86-track playlist titled “KFC You Soon.”

The 86 tracks commemorate each day the Dine-In service was unavailable because of the pandemic. The trilingual playlist aims to tell customers how much the brand has missed them.

To listen to the playlist, click here.


“Over the past few months, restaurants have generally been quiet and lonely. If the tables, chairs, trays and sauce dispensers could speak, they would probably tell people how much they’ve been longing for their presence,” explain Creative Directors Jeremy Yeoh and Suryadipura Salleh on the thinking behind the idea. “As KFC reopens its stores for Dine-In across the country, the team came up with the idea of serenading people back through song instead of doing the regular announcement.”

To promote the playlist, a dedication video was launched. It features a lonely KFC store pining for the return of its customers, serenading the viewer with popular song lyrics that convey its yearning.

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