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Campaign Spotlight: LinkedIn partners with The Glitch to launch Phase II of #FindTheBalance

MUMBAI, INDIA — LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network, has tied hands with digital creative agency, The Glitch, to launch phase II of the #FindTheBalance campaign that provokes honest conversations about the realities of working from home and the struggle of finding work-life balance amid the pandemic. The new creative films spotlight the importance of well-being in today’s remote hustle culture by encouraging professionals to hit pause and strike the right balance between work and life in the new world of work.

In phase II of the campaign, the three films take a deeper look at the lives of the characters introduced in the first #FindTheBalance film, and present three 35-second films that depict the lives of professionals Vedika, Andrew, and Gaurav, who struggle to keep up with work-from-home challenges. Through a closer look at the details of their individual journeys, the campaign aims to inspire professionals to find a new perspective, a new idea of balance, urging them to look beyond their professional lives, embrace their personal identities, and reconnect with their loved ones, colleagues, and friends.


Conceptualized and executed by The Glitch, these films are also being supported by a social media campaign across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that encourages professionals to rewrite motivational quotes to make them more relatable for the post-pandemic world of work that professionals find themselves in today. By humanizing old adages, the campaign hopes to help professionals build a healthier lifestyle, with clear work-life boundaries that allow for rest and recuperation without guilt.

The second phase of the campaign comes as an extension of its first phase, which sparked honest conversations about the realities of working from home and the struggles of finding work-life balance amid the pandemic across India. With 6 million engagements on Facebook alone, the first phase of the campaign resonated with the Indian workforce aching to discuss issues of burnout and an increasingly toxic hustle culture. This is not surprising as in the last 18 months, professionals in India have been struggling to cope with the blurred lines between their personal and professional lives. In fact, LinkedIn’s ‘Future of Work’ perception study reveals that more than 1 in 3 professionals in India are burnt out due to increased workload and stress. 

“Professionals in India are grappling with burnout at this time, and our Future of Work perception study also finds that today professionals value work-life balance (52%) even more than job security (50%). The #FindTheBalance brand campaign is a reminder for our members to hit pause, reconnect with their family, friends, and colleagues, and find a new idea of balance. As the world of work continues to evolve, we are committed to fostering a sense of community for our members to connect, spark conversations, share ideas, and encourage each other to build flexible schedules and a well-rounded lifestyle,” says Sivaram Parameswaran, Head of Brand Marketing, Asia Pacific at LinkedIn.

Lucille Pereira, Creative Director at the Glitch said, What I love about this campaign is the mirror it holds up to our lives. In the last 1.5 years, working from home gave us so many new perspectives. It taught us to bond deeply with our family, giving us the advantage of having all meals with them, as opposed to a ‘rushed’ breakfast, and a ‘tired’ dinner. It showed us how to make time for family, or carve out time for self, whether it’s doing things we love or just a quiet coffee & sunset session. Whatever it means to you, however you do it, this campaign is a beautiful reminder to #FindTheBalance.”

“Our long-standing relationship with LinkedIn has always paved the way for relevant and insightful work. The world around us has changed and many of us have experienced the blurring of our professional and personal lives. This film aims to showcase this very relatable narrative — the monotony that has become part of our everyday. Our hope is that it leaves professionals with the message of how we are all in this together, and as we navigate these unprecedented times it is important to remember to find our own unique version of balance,” Riya Lalchandani, Associate Business Director at the Glitch added.

Professionals in India are also taking to LinkedIn to spark conversations, and share tips and learnings about how they can #FindTheBalance to beat the pandemic blues. 


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