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Campaign Spotlight: Saint Elmo’s Create First Virtual Museum of Children’s Rights for Hamburg Child Protection Association

HAMBURG – At first glance, the Square of Children’s Rights in Hamburg only shows an empty pedestal. It takes a mobile phone and the appThe Secret Sculpture to solve the mystery. With the help of augmented reality, 42 holographic sculptures, each representing an article listed in The United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child (UNCRC), become visible on the pedestal. The virtual sculptures were created by renowned artists including Erwin Wurm, Joseph Crossley (Astral Projekt), 1010, Björn Holzweg, Doppeldenk and the most renowned 3D studios in Europe. Saint Elmo‘s conceived the idea and implemented it in order to inform children of to their rights in an innovative and unusual way.

The aim of ’The Secret Sculpture’ is to visualise the UNCRC, and raise awareness of the work of the Child Protection League. There are 54 articles in the United Nations convention on the rights of the child, and St. Elmo’s invited 42 artists to create a virtual artwork for a plinth in the Platz der Kinderrechte. Each virtual sculpture is visible via a new Kinderschutzbund Hamburg app using augmented reality when you hold your phone up to the plinth.


The background of the campaign going with the hashtag #TheSecretScuplture is that far too few children in Germany know their rights. The Hamburg Child Protection Association wants to change this and protect children better – through education, support for children who need help, and a petition to ensure that children’s rights are also taught in schools.

Ralf Slüter, Managing Director of the Hamburg Child Protection Association commented: “The virtual museum creates fresh attention for our important subject and especially for our petition that children’s rights be included as a compulsory topic in the curricula of German schools. The petition is linked in the app.”

Reinhard Crasemann, Managing Partner Creative Saint Elmo‘s added: “In our Museum of Children’s Rights we combine sculptures that inspire because of their high artistic standards with modern state-of-the-art augmented reality technology. Everyone involved is delighted to use his or her skills to increase the lobby for children together with the Hamburg Child Protection Association and to include children’s rights in all curricula in Germany”.

Impressions from the opening of ‘The Secret Sculpture Project’ in the video. The app is available for download here. The petition can be signed here.



Saint Elmo’s Hamburg & Berlin, Serviceplan Group


Peter Gocht (Global Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Agency holding) Maximilian Schöngen (Global Creative Strategist, Serviceplan Agency holding)

Saint Elmo’s:

Reinhard Crasemann (Managing Partner Saint Elmo’s Hamburg) Lasse Matthiesen (Managing Partner Saint Elmo’s Hamburg) Karsten Kuhn (Creative Director Saint Elmo’s Hamburg)

List of artists and 3D studios:

Joseph Crossley, Astral Projekt
Goodbye Kansas, Stockholm Hamburg London
Björn Holzweg, represented by Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg postoffice, Amsterdam
Sehsucht GmbH, Hamburg Berlin München
OPTIX Post Production
Doppeldenk, Leipzig, represented by Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg Sunday digital, Munich
Vincent Schwenk, Hamburg
Jacob Eisinger, Hamburg
Leilani Franco, Hamburg
Christian Reitersdorf, Hamburg
Katharina Schanderl, Neverest Munich
Ruff Huff, Hamburg
The Mill, London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin
Maiborn Wolff, München
Erwin Wurm, Salzburg
KAEPTN, Hamburg
Animationsfabrik, Hamburg
nbh, Hamburg, Berlin
Martin Wettig Microsoft, Berlin
Lars Korb, Munich
Youjin Yi, Munich
Tanja Kerner, Neverest Munich
Ines Koßsack, Neverest, Munich
Film Deluxe, Berlin
Manuel Kotulla, Neverest Munich
Ignas Blazys, Sehsucht
1010, represented by Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg
Eli Breuing, Hamburg
Andrea Hemmelgarn, Hamburg


About the Hamburg Child Protection Association (Kinderschutzbund Hamburg):

The Hamburg Child Protection Association is a politically and denominationally independent, non-profit association and responsible body for independent youth welfare. Founded in 1953, it has been committed to improving the living conditions of children and young people, parents and families in Hamburg. The members elect the honorary board. This board appoints a full-time managing director. 450 members, 89 full-time employees and 450 qualified volunteers are active for the Child Protection Association. It is one of 16 regional associations in the National Child Protection Association Germany. With a total of over 50,000 members, the Federal Association represents the largest lobby for children in Germany.

About Saint Elmos Hamburg:

Since 2014 Saint Elmo’s Hamburg has been implementing integrated communication solutions for clients like Burda, Esylux, expert SE, GASAG, Gelbe Seiten, HOCHBAHN Hamburg, LLOYD Shoes, Lotto Hamburg, Uponor, VDE, Wernesgrüner and others. The Agency Group Saint Elmo’s with offices in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Los Angeles was founded in 2001 and is part of the Serviceplan Group. In 2019 it was named one of the top 20 owner-managed agencies in Germany.

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