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Campaign Spotlight: Sra. Rushmore takes eLaLiga beyond the known world

MADRID, SPAIN — eLaLiga Santander has just presented its newest piece, created once again by Madrid-based ad agency Sra. Rushmore, announcing its international competitions, eLaLiga Challenge and eLaLiga Beat the Best, both organized by LaLiga.

Under the title of “Monsters”, the new spot recreates a widespread belief from ancient Roman times, which held that Spain was the end of the known world and that beyond its seas lived only dragons. A warning that this Spanish competition in 2022, will be venturing beyond its borders in order to come face to face with the most feared monsters of the international scene.


The piece is directed once again by Keane Pearce Shaw, produced by Blur and seen through postproduction by Martes Studio. It brings together seven completely different worlds, each with its own style of animation, and featuring famed streamer DjMaRiiO as the narrator of the story.

With this campaign, eLaLiga Santander shows its most international side through two competitions (eLaLiga Beat the Best and eLaLiga Challenge) which will be disputed amongst thirteen countries as different as Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Australia and Egypt, and where the best streamers, influencers and footballers will come together in a competition like no other.


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