Campaign Spotlight: Storyteller Bangkok Turns an Ad into A 24-Hour Alarm Clock to Promote The Carabao “Green Apple” Flavor


BANGKOK, THAILAND – Carabao, one of the biggest energy drink brands released a new product called “Carabao Green Apple”, in hope to target the younger generation. The new green apple flavored drink is as tasty as any soft drink in the market, with beneficial vitamin B6 and B12, and more importantly, the caffeine content is very low and is derived from the natural Guarana fruit, resulting in a drink that is very refreshing and energizing, picks you up with no crashing effect.

Carabao Anytime Anywhere : 2:00

Carabao Anytime Anywhere 23:00

Even though the new product is nothing like the old school glass bottle energy drink, people still have fear because of the stigma that any kind of energy drink will spike up your heart, leave you wide awake before crashing, and is only for people who need to use lots of energy only. Also in Thailand, the FDA strictly restricted in all advertisement of energy drinks the maximum consumption to 2 bottles per day, emphasizing that fear people have.

It’s time to change everyone’s perception with the campaign idea “Carabao Clock” by agency Storyteller Bangkok, that says “Carabao Green Apple” is for anytime.

The campaign was delivered through 24 ads, carried out online hour by hour through precise time targeting strategy. Each ad acting like an alarm clock at the beginning every hour signaling that “It’s time for Carabao Green Apple” to call out anyone amidst of their different hourly activity.



Agency: Storyteller Bangkok
Chief Creative Officer: Rojana Chuasakul
Associate Creative Director: Parbpraew Ratarasarn
Art Director: Thanyanee Sitthikornroj
Copywriter: Ravisara Mekasuwanaroj
Producer: Natee Rukseiree
Strategic planner: Drakon Sirakovit, Natdanai Adisornpunkul
Account Executive: Vipaporn Pornsetmatakul
Production house: Singtonoi
Director: Pisut Soontonwun
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