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Campaign Spotlight: Super Simple Stories answers all the questions you never knew you had

KYIV, UKRAINE — Can taking pictures of your pets help save lives? Does using your GPS in Iceland turn you into a celebrity? Can 5G really help you sleep more? Super Simple Stories is a new brain-tickling social content series by Setapp that answers all the questions you never knew you had.

Developed by indie creative agency SuperHeroes NYC, Super Simple Stories is a web series that takes complex tech innovations and breaks them down in easy-to-understand and entertaining ways. Using street interviews, animation, and found footage, the highly snackable series is a perfect fit for social media.


Experimental marketing strategy to boost organic interest

Setapp hopes the new campaign will boost awareness in a way that will reach new audiences who are often resistant to advertising. The creative strategy utilizes entertaining content on the same subjects that its audience is actively searching for.

“Our audience is curious about new technologies, so this content series looks to capture their attention organically,” says Yaroslav Stepanenko, Setapp’s Product Marketing Manager.

“We were looking for non-advertising attention grabbers to tell the Setapp brand story. We’re now launching Super Simple Stories channels on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok and have made dozens of content pieces to bring them to life. There are so many great stories to share, we’d love it to become a long-lasting and popular series”, says Rogier Vijverberg, ECD at SuperHeroes.

Setapp is a subscription service that gives you easy access to all your favourite Mac apps, and aims at celebrating that thinking with a content series that simplifies big tech questions.

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