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Campaign Spotlight: Tanishq’s Diwali campaign celebrates ‘Today’ as a festival of life

MUMBAI, INDIA — Tanishq, India’s most trusted jewellery brand, has unveiled the much-awaited Diwali campaign, Utsaah, with the onset of the festive season. The film not only celebrates the Festival of Lights in a truly spectacular manner but also celebrates ‘Today’ as a Festival of Life. The festive campaign emphasises adorning relationships and celebrating every moment of our lives.

The 150 seconds heart-warming Diwali film conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, is woven together on the premise of celebrating the Glorious Today that is nestled amidst the moments of the past and shine of the future. The film encapsulates some of the priceless moments and is a gentle reminder that life gives us enough reasons to be happy, to spread happiness and celebrate the hidden joys in the present.


The Utsaah film is a visual delight that gives viewers a peek into the joyous moments that are a departure from the recent past and are brought alive through various scenarios that portray the very thought of rejoicing life as a festival. High on emotions, the film opens with a group of friends getting ready for a Diwali celebrations and the lady adding final touches to her appearance with the extra bling, to make the festivities come alive.

The upbeat background score coupled with a soulful voiceover narrates powerful poetry that touches one’s heart with heartening situations like homecoming for Diwali to surprise one’s family that have been waiting endlessly for that one warm hug. Couples yearning to celebrate with their neighbours as we pin our hope for better times this year.
The film showcases playful moments where indecisive grandmothers struggle to pair the perfect jewellery set with their festive attire that brings the sparkle back into their lives. Celebrating sheer joy by expressing love through a surprise gift planned by the husband for his wife at a restaurant… All these moments make our lives worthwhile and we all deserve a celebration because ‘Aaj -Diwali Ka Bahaana Hai.’

The festive campaign comes on the back of Tanishq’s exclusive Diwali collection ‘Utsaah’- a stunning range of gold jewellery that reimagines our rich heritage into distinctive modern jewellery pieces.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Ajoy Chawla, CEO- Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited said, “Celebrating today’ emerged as a strong theme in our sentiment study and this was also reflected in the enthusiasm with which people across the country celebrated festivals in the last couple of months. The need to find comfort in the present, and celebrate every small moment forms the core of our Diwali campaign – the thought of ‘Aaj’.

Our festive collection Utsaah takes this thought forward of celebrating ‘today’ with intricate designs. A collection that reflects various traditional karigari techniques yet is lightweight and wearable. The stunning designs can be elegantly layered, enabling the discerning woman to express her unique style across a variety of occasions.”

Quoting the film, Mr. Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer- Lowe Lintas said, “This Diwali, Tanishq inspires us all to acknowledge the importance of ‘Aaj’. To celebrate the ‘today’ as if it was a festival by itself. As humankind, we have experienced every possible emotion in the recent past and perhaps understood every emotion a bit more than ever before. Diwali is that reason for us to revel in today and light up our lives to light up what lies ahead of us. It is a natural emotion that Diwali ushers in every single year.”


Ranjani Krishnaswmy, GM- Marketing, Tanishq
Sana Adhami, Senior Marketing Manager, Tanishq
Jitendra Kumar Sinha, Deputy Marketing Manager, Tanishq

Lowe Lintas

Arpan Bhattacharya
Nainaa Rajpaa

Account Management:
Sonali Khanna
Aditi Rungachary/ John Varghese
Ketaki Joshi

Kishore Subramanian
Easo John
Namrata Sukumar

Production House:
Lucifer circus

Deepak Thomas

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