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Campaign Spotlight: Vileda launches film for its new range in international campaign conceived Herezie

PARIS, FRANCE — Featuring American dancer and influencer Erik Cavanaugh of America’s Got Talent, Herezie’s new film for housewares brand Vileda is aimed at generating momentum among Gen Z.

With spectacular choreography, the film brings the brand’s signature, “It feels great to feel at home”, to life with scenes of Erik cleaning his house throughout the day.

“Dancer”, directed by Pavel Gumennikov (Production: Grandma), promotes Vileda’s new range of products (Turbo, 12 Spray Max, Stream XXL, Ultra Max) and started to run online and in more than 15 European countries and Canada starting September 1.


Discover the film here.

Vileda’s signature “It feels great to feel at home” is not just about a moment, a room, or a specific person, it’s about a positive feeling that literally surrounds you. It has so many shapes, colors, emotions, places. That’s why for the new film for the housewares brand Vileda we aimed to celebrate that feeling in a unique and, somehow, universal way.

Everyone knows that feeling in a clean home; it’s so much easier and rewarding, that’s why they decided to bring to life the different Vileda cleaning moments through catchy music and invigorating dance. The American dancer and influencer Erik Cavanaugh of America’s Got Talent was the perfect choice for us. His irresistible dancing skills, his overwhelming positivity, his inspiring self-confidence are the ingredients that make this film special. They worked very closely with him in deciding what the perfect moves would be, how to showcase the product’s performances in the best way, where to let his energy express itself, the surfaces, the lights, the colours, the set design, the sylism, and basically everything.

It took one day of rehearsals and two days and one night of a truly exciting shooting to create this “dance gallery”. The products are there as Erik’s dance partners and together they express, in a never seen before way, what feeling great at home means.


Agency: Herezie
Group President: Andrea Stillacci
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Marty Etienne Renaux
TV Prod Manager: Tanya Kozlova
Artistic Director : Rodolphe Pinta
Copywriter: Rodolphe Pinta
Account Manager: Marine Chenu
TV Production: Tanya Kozlova

Production: Grandma
Director : Pavel Gumennikov
DOP : Vilius Maciulskis
Production designer : Kotryna Balciunaite
Stylist: Juozas Valenta (FJ Wardrobe)
Editing director: Paulius Zavadskis
Stills photographer: Audrius Solominas
Executive producer: Linas Martinkenas
Producer : Gerda Serbentaite
Post-production producer : Domas Kuncinas
Music “SHOEBA – New Shoes”
Written by :
Andrei Mihai – Published by Universal Music Publishing France Dorian Micu – published by hahaha productions
Produced by: Andrei Mihai

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