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Campaign Spotlight: Taproot Dentsu launches new campaign for Urban Company

MUMBAI, INDIA – As summers approach, air conditioners (AC) become the most loved gadget in the house. But when it comes to its servicing, most people don’t show the same kind of love and resort to calling their local technicians to get it serviced. While the servicing helps the air conditioner perform marginally better, it still doesn’t feel as good as it was when it was new. Addressing this issue, Taproot Dentsu, a dentsuMB Company & the creative agency from dentsu India, has launched a new campaign for Urban Company AC servicing.

The campaign creates awareness of the new-age AC servicing technique of using a unique ‘foam jet technology’ that cleans ACs two times better than the regular servicing. This innovative method of AC servicing makes ACs as good as new, at affordable prices. It is pertinent to note here that Urban Company has always brought in technology that is superior to everything else in the market. Thus, this summer, it has decided to give air conditioners a new lease of life with its unique foam jet technology.

Additionally, the film’s slice of life storytelling format aims to question the well-entrenched behaviour of relying on the local technician and encourages consumers to choose Urban Company AC servicing instead.


Speaking on the campaign, Abhishek Deshwal, Executive Creative Director, Taproot Dentsu said, “The idea revolves around an unassuming consumer’s desire for better cooling that is up against the apathy of a wisecracking local technician. Through multiple videos, we show the technician’s scepticism being countered by the superior features of the Urban Company service. A nuanced and understated tone of humour adds to the charm for each of the spots.”

Abhishek Deshwal

Hitanshu Monga, Director – Growth & Marketing, Urban Company added, “We, at Urban Company, are committed to leveraging innovation and technology for delivering exceptional customer experience. The problem that most consumers face with their air conditioners is the deteriorating cooling quality year after year despite regular servicing. This happens primarily because of the accumulation of dust inside the AC, which interferes with its capacity to cool effectively. Urban Company’s unique foam jet AC service attacks the problem of accumulated dust in a twofold manner. Our two-step process of foam application and high-intensity water spray with power jet ensures 2X dust removal and leads to enhanced cooling, making your AC work as good as a new one. Our expert technicians are equipped with the right consumables, equipment and training to ensure that millions of ACs work as good as new this summer.”

Hitanshu Monga


SVP Marketing – Abhinav Tyagi
Director- Marketing: Hitanshu Monga
Senior Brand Manager: Yashaswi Chawla
Brand Manager: Shubham Varshney & Trishita Nandi

Agency: Taproot Dentsu, Mumbai
Chief Executive Officer: Ayesha Ghosh
Head of Strategic Planning: Shashank Lanjekar
Senior Planning Director: Roshni Shroff
Executive Creative Director: Abhishek Deshwal, Ashish Adpur, Deepali Yadav, Durvesh Gaikar
Associate Vice President: Abheek Chatterji
Group Account Manager: Megha Mohan

Director: Rahul Bharti
Production House: Roger That Productions
Executive Producer: Prasanna Bhende
Producer: Kimaya Bhende

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