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Distillery launches an AI-powered children’s storybook celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

SINGAPORE — Distillery, a global creative content studio, has created a unique and innovative way to celebrate Chinese New Year — a children’s storybook, powered through a range of AI technologies.

The storybook was created using a range of cutting-edge AI tools, including ChatGPT for the story, MidJourney AI for the visuals, Murbert AI for the music, Narakeet AI for the narration, and Voundry AI for distribution. The result is a beautiful and engaging children’s story that showcases the capabilities of AI while also celebrating the Chinese New Year.


“We wanted to do something special to mark the year of the rabbit, and we felt that using AI to create a storybook was a relevant way to do it,” said distillery Managing Director Simon Hearn. “With so much conversation these past weeks on ChatGPT, we decided to test other AI platform capabilities to see what was possible when we put them all together. Whilst we celebrate the year of the rabbit, this year will likely become the year we see mass adoption of AI, so it’s important we all test, learn, and embrace the technology”.

The storybook will be distributed to distillery’s clients and wider networks as a digital greeting card. This will be personalized using distillery’s own video personalization engine, Voundry. It is also available for viewing on distillery’s website.

For more information about distillery, please visit their website

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