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Through an exhibit, Cheil Worldwide and Samsung ‘bid farewell’ to housework thanks to AI appliances

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Samsung has launched a new campaign in South Korea highlighting the true value of using AI appliances, such as significantly reduced housework and more freedom.

Created by Cheil Worldwide for Samsung, “A Farewell to Housework Exhibition” pays tribute to household items that will be used less and soon fade into history with the arrival of AI appliances.

The exhibition is an extension of the “Have a Good AI Life” campaign that launched in April. Samsung launched a limited-edition merchandise line of household items to remind people of the real-life benefits of using AI appliances when they are most burdened by household chores.


The exhibition of household items will be held at 18 Samsung Stores nationwide until July 31. It will showcase actual daily necessities such as rubber gloves, turners, detergent measuring cups, rags, and lint rollers, which more and more people will stop using as AI appliances become essential parts of our daily lives.

The exhibition is supported by an online gallery and print ads featured in daily newspapers.

For the exhibition, each household item is displayed like an art piece with descriptions next to it, including information such as the name of the item, average annual hours or number of uses, and the reason for its disappearance, which is Samsung’s AI appliance that could do the task effortlessly, and a QR code that directs to the online gallery.

For example, the detergent measuring cup that worked 156 times a year retires as Bespoke AI Laundry Combo automatically adjusts the amount of detergent by detecting the weight, the level of soiling, and the fabric of the load. At the same time, a lint roller that works 104 times a year retires as Bespoke AirDresser effectively removes dust and odors of clothes with its AI Control.

“The aim of this project is to offer a glimpse of what the future holds for household items after AI appliances impact our daily lives,” said KT Kim, VP and Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Samsung Electronics. “We hope the exhibition welcomes more people to AI Life presented by Samsung.”


Campaign Title: A Farewell to Housework Exhibition

Client: Samsung Electronics
Vice President: KT Kim
Marketing Manager: Heejung Jung, Seokjun Bang

Creative Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Creative Director: Seongphil Hwang

Copywriter: Seungree Kang
Art Director: Taeyul Ko
Account Director: Chunhak Im
Account Executive: Jinhwa Ryu, Duin Kwon, Jiho Shin

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