Design: This Filipino type designer created Salbabida font to raise funds for typhoon-struck Bad Student

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– Among the fundraisers for the Typhoon Ulysses is a salbabida (lifesaver) to keep afloat those who have been affected by the Typhoon Ulysses.

Designer Jo Malinis created Salbabida Sans to raise funds for the rebuilding of Risograph Art Press and design studio Bad Student and displaced victims of the calamity.

“I got inspired by fellow creatives raising funds for causes online through selling their art prints. Problem is, I don’t usually create prints. I do, however, design fonts.”


The forms of this font mimic the inflated rubber vest or object that one can put on or hold onto to keep afloat in water.

For a minimum donation of 5 USD, the font can be downloaded here for personal and commercial use.

Malinis shared that the font was born out of the need to do something other than disseminating information on social media and hearing the distress of her kababayans’ cry for help.

“It was horrifying to see tweets and cries of help online.”

“I was determined to help out, but with funds running low for donations, I had to think of a way to generate income that could directly go to relief operations,” she added.

As of writing, she has raised 44,000 PHP and still continues to accept donations until December 31.


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