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Dentsu Develops “Fanglass” Mixing Reality and VR to Provide a New Spectator Sports Experience

TOKYO – Up to now, Dentsu has promoted business in the VR domain through investment in LiveLike Inc., a U.S. technology company and developer of immersive live broadcasts of spectator sports, and the launch of its Group-wide organization “Dentsu VR Plus.” Sports and entertainment content are particularly promising fields, therefore Dentsu has strengthened its team structure by recruiting experts in this area and expanding external networks.

Dentsu has developed the prototype “Fanglass” (, which mixes reality and VR to provide a new spectator sports experience as a first step toward experiential sports and entertainment content.

Fanglass Overview
Based on technologies developed by LiveLike, the Fanglass user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is optimized for the spectator sports experience. Just by putting on the goggles, users can enjoy sports from various angles, such as soccer goals from behind the net and scenes from inside the VIP lounge. Fanglass is equipped with a “social VR function” enabling user friends in other locations to appear as avatars in VR to cheer on their favorite teams and discuss the game, realizing a next-generation sports experience users can enjoy while watching with a sense of sharing the same space.


Fanglass comprises two main elements:
(1) “Face Flick” UI enabling intuitive operation
The Face Flick UI, which enables users to select the information they want intuitively just by pointing with their face, is designed with consideration for the convenience of entry users without being limited by the UI of existing VR.

(2) The specially designed goggles can instantly be assembled from an open state using magnets.
Used by inserting a smartphone.

About LiveLike
LiveLike is a technology company delivering the best live sports experiences to fans on multiple devices. The company’s platform integrates the latest innovations in VR, AR, and MR to revolutionize sports viewing around the world. LiveLike’s Social Virtual Reality feature allows multiple people to view a game together, no matter their geographic location. This feature employs 3D avatars and spatial audio so people can communicate in an immersive environment with friends in VR. Fans can view broadcaster content with or without a VR headset, allowing these unique experiences to be accessible to all with a device.

Recognized as the VR Startup of the Year in 2017 by VR Bound and taking first place in TechCrunch’s 2016 1st & Future “Bringing Home The Game” category, LiveLike continues to gain industry recognition as a leader in interactive sports technology. Members of the founding team have been recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 and SportsBusiness Journal 40 Under 40 lists. LiveLike is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Paris, France, and Gurgaon, India.

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