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Brand Boot Camp 2018 to teach brands how to engage Generation Z

MANILA – For Generation Z, high-speed internet has always existed, “google” has always been a verb, and life without the mobile phone is unimaginable. Born between 1996 and 2005, Gen Z-ers came into the world just as the digital revolution achieved global scale. For them, today’s hyper-speed, high-tech reality isn’t a sign of the times—rather it’s the norm. How has this affected the way that Gen Z interacts with the world around them?

Now more than ever, this is a question that marketers need to explore. Why? Because in 2018, the oldest members of Gen Z have begun graduating from college and by 2021, over half of Gen Z will be 21 years old or older. The arrival of Gen Z as the next wave of consumers is fast approaching and to engage them effectively, brands need to clue into their mindset and deeply understand how they engage with the people, information and organizations around them. It’s time for brands to begin understanding and zoom into Gen Z, today’s youth but tomorrow’s workforce, shoppers and leaders.

For marketers today, shifting gears and diving into Gen Z may seem like a daunting task. After all, it seems as if we’ve just began to engage Millennials and now brands need to prepare new strategies for another cohort. Additionally, what we do understand about this younger generation has provided more questions than answers: How does a brand leverage digital channels to effectively engage Gen Z, a digital-first generation? How important are digital channels for this audience relative to traditional ones? What can a brand do with all the data that digital channels produce?


The first Filipino-focused research into the Filipino Gen Z market aims to provide some valuable answers. “Growing Up Gen Z: A Portrait of Filipino Teens Today,” a study into the Filipino Gen Z by Acumen Strategy Consultants, will take center stage on July 25 at Brand Boot Camp 2018, a conference for marketers exploring best practices for building strong brands today. Pauline Fermin, Managing Director at Acumen Strategy Consultants, will share key five key learnings uncovered by the study which looked into the values, attitudes, activities and behaviors of this next generation. From unpacking what genuine connection means for Gen Z today to forecasting strategies that will build loyalty among this cohort, marketers will surely walk away with deeper insight into Generation Z.

Brand Boot Camp 2018’s spotlight on Gen Z joins an impressive conference agenda centered on the theme, “Evolve: Brand Building in the Digital Reality,” which explores how brand practices will need to evolve and adapt to the new marketing landscape defined by increasing technological integration and changing consumer behavior. In addition to Pauline, the conference’s impressive roster of speakers includes shopper marketing guru Mike Anthony, CEO and founder of Engage Consultants, who’ll share his perspective on changing shopper behavior and how brands can better optimize their shopper marketing strategy to reach the right consumers in the right moments and big-data expert Jojo Ines, Executive Vice President at Opera Solutions, who’ll explore how brands can use consumer data to uncover key insights that inform elevated business and marketing strategies. The conference’s keynote speaker will be announced shortly.

Hitting on the buzzing topics in marketing today, Brand Boot Camp 2018 which takes place July 25 at SMX Aura Convention Center promises to be a valuable event for marketers looking to strengthen and grow their brand in today’s digital reality.

To learn more about Brand Boot Camp 2018, visit www.brandbootcamp.com for conference and registration information.





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