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Digital: Check out our roundup of must-follow Filipino content creators

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — No other platform quite ushered in the age of social media the way Facebook, the biggest platform and a household name, has. Now, it’s hard to talk about the way technology connects us to people we could’ve never otherwise reached without mentioning Facebook. And thanks to Facebook Watch, that connection includes that of the many talented creators and the millions of people across — and sometimes beyond — the country who enjoy the content they provide on the platform.

More and more Filipinos turn to Facebook Watch for their daily dose of video entertainment thanks to the creativity, authenticity, and joy that creators bring to the platform. So, adobo Magazine wanted to round up a few Filipino creators you can watch out for on the platform:

Inka Magnaye


Inka Magnaye and her captivating voice went viral when she posted a video on Facebook revealing that she, like her mom before her, is the voice behind Philippine Airline’s instructional safety voiceover. The 31-year-old voiceover talent continues to make waves online for her content in which she shows off that crisp and smooth voice in various videos, whether it’s fun skits or voiceover challenges, projects, and behind-the-scenes videos that have you mesmerized at the way her voice adds so much life and prestige to any script. And that’s not all she posts on Facebook Watch either; she also has tons of motivational snippets, videos featuring her family full of fellow voice over talents, and episodes of her podcast, ‎On Call With Justin, Jako, Danny, & Inka.

Ninong Ry

It’s not hard to see why Ninong Ry has over 4.6 million Facebook followers. His food videos are loud, hilarious, and unpredictable, making them stand out from the usual formula of calm instrumentals and flatlays of neat counters that you see from other recipe videos. He may be a culinary graduate, but his content never feels intimidating or exclusive to those with educational and professional culinary backgrounds only. The joyful ease and humor in his videos that still result in mouthwatering eats is exactly the kind of thing that motivates the everyday viewer to think, Hey, maybe I can do that too. Classic Pinoy dishes? Pulutan ideas and indulgent snacks? Sweet desserts? Whatever you’re craving, Ninong Ry has your back.

Bea Chu

With all this talk of content creators, are you thinking of letting your creativity loose and getting into the field of creating video entertainment as well? If so, Bea Chu is the one to watch! Her content is perfect for those who want to start creating video and audio content because her production tips are to the point, easy to understand, and gives glimpses into what that line of work entails. Bea posts video rundowns surrounding gadgets and setups, behind-the-scenes videos, and even content on how she deals with stress and anxiety while creating content in the pandemic. 

Justine Luzares

There’s definitely no shortage of comedy on the platform as well. One of the many comedians on the platform is Justine Luzares, who makes skits featuring several recurring characters that he’s created and that his followers have grown fond of, the most beloved of which is his Bridgerton-eque character, Marites. However, people aren’t just staying for the hilarity of his videos. His followers also tune in for his impressive grasp of several accents, which he shows off and represents through funny videos featuring various characters “around the world.” He also uses his talents to make soothing voiceover and narration videos!

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Especially with the rise of live streaming and playthroughs, some of the biggest influencers on social media are from the world of video games. And we can’t talk about gaming content creators in the Philippines without talking about Alodia Gosiengfiao. Alodia has been a prominent figure in the Filipino gaming and cosplaying community for years now, and her journey can be seen through her countless videos on the Facebook Watch, from her TV features that prove just how much of a big deal she is to her more laidback daily streams where she sits down and plays video games while talking to her viewers. As one of the biggest cosplay icons in the country, you can catch some of her transformations on the platform as well!

Esnyr Ranollo

There’s so much hilarity in the Filipino high school experience and the many seemingly universal encounters that come with it, and no one quite captures it like Esnyr Ranollo. His skits have gained millions of views, and it’s no mystery why. The situations he presents in his skits may portray seemingly mundane moments — from what Pinoy school lunch times are like to your usual school’s foundation day events — but it’s all the extremely specific details that he puts in his gestures, props, costumes, and dialogue that will have you laughing because of how accurate it is to the phenomena you experience and the characters you meet in high school. His videos get addicting real fast and will definitely have you cracking up because of all the extremely specific memories his skits will unearth.

Do you agree with our list? These are just some of the most recognizable and influential Pinoy creators you can find on the platform that we wanted to feature in line with adobo Video Fest presented by Facebook Watch.

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