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Digital: Follow these Filipino creators for your dose of bingeable content

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — No one can deny that video has definitely gone social in the past decade. When people are looking to satisfy their entertainment needs, they take out their gadgets and go to their favorite social media platforms. And, lately, more and more Filipinos have been turning to Facebook Watch for that exact thing.

Facebook has gone from just being everyone’s go-to channel for communication to also providing users with the digital entertainment they seek. Teleserye and movie clips? Sports and reality TV highlights? Movie trailers and film shorts? You name it, and Facebook Watch has it.

That’s not all, though. With Facebook Watch comes the opportunity for various kinds of content that are unique to the age of social media that creators make for viewers. Here are some of adobo Magazine’s favorite creators on the platform:



As long as you’re on social media, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Mimiyuuuh. Two years after she went viral, Mimiyuuuh is still everywhere: from her videos and posts on her own socials to TV appearances and her work with big brands such as Lazada and Pepsi. And one of the places you can catch her is on Facebook watch, where no matter what she posts — branded content, reactions, vlog snippets, challenges from fans, collabs with big names like Bea Alonzo and Pia Wurtzbach — the results are always hilarious and has everyone hitting those like and share buttons. Even Vice President Leni Robredo isn’t immune to her charm. 

AC Bonifacio

As a multi-hyphenate with her work in acting, singing, and vlogging, AC Bonifacio definitely has a lot to offer in the world of content creation. Most people, however, know her as the talented dancer that will keep you captivated with her moves; the same moves that gets her featured everywhere from concerts to the hit Netflix show Riverdale. Catch some of the routines she absolutely slays on Facebook Watch, from short dance challenges shot on her phone to viral high-production dance covers, like BTS’ ON and Lisa’s Money

Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero

A dancing duo that also racks up views with their moves are Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero. If anyone knows how to keep an audience interested in this day and age of fleeting content, it’s this brother-sister dream team as they never fail to go viral with their dance videos. However, while dancing is definitely their roots and something they still regularly make videos of, they’ve branched out to different kinds of content as well, like challenges, collabs with fans, travel videos, behind the scenes snippets, and vlogs

Phillip Hernandez (Davao Conyo)


He may have started with his viral comedic dubs of shows and movies on Facebook, but Phillip Hernandez, better known as Davao Conyo, has expanded his content since then, and viewers definitely aren’t disappointed. He puts out one hilarious skit after the other, and all of them are bound to make you laugh. His content ranges from ridiculously funny concepts that he effortlessly pulls off, like Mga Gamit sa Bag ni Mama and Meeting ng Christmas Icons, to more relatable ones that will have you sharing his videos to your group chats or tagging people they remind you of, such as reenactments of family reunions and the new normal of online classes

JMKO (Miko Manguba)

This artist and singer has recently taken his music career one step further by releasing his debut album, Prelude, but his original songs aren’t the only way you can listen to and enjoy his talents. He’s also known for his videos online, which range from funny videos, like his Pinoy music mashups inspired by the memes and the song he made using tweets complaining about the ECQ, to beautiful covers and vocal challenges. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or a good song rendition, you won’t be disappointed.

RV Manabat


Chef RV Manabat’s videos aren’t just drool-worthy and soothing (which they definitely are), they’re also super educational for those who are looking for a little extra help in expanding their kitchen knowledge. From foreign cuisine to Pinoy staples, savory dishes to scrumptious desserts, each video is very easy to follow and the exact kind of inspiration you need to start or enrich your culinary journey. His food content isn’t just limited to recipes either; you can find tons of vlogs, general kitchen tips, and food tours on his Facebook page as well!

There are so many creative personalities that make social media everyone’s go-to for video entertainment, and these are just a few that adobo wanted to feature in line with adobo Video Fest presented by Facebook Watch, a festival that celebrates the platform’s creators and publishers.


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