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Entertainment & Media: TFC’s Digital Series “Filipinized” Stars People From All Around the World that are Filipinos at Heart

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES – Many may have already heard the old adage “home is where your heart is,” but only a few understand what this really means, and among them are the foreign nationals featured on TFC’s “Filipinized”, which is now streaming on TFC Online and TFC IPTV.

Macmillian dictionary defines Filipinized simply as “to alter someone or something in order to make them Filipino”, and in the digital series “Filipinized”, the foreign nationals who have been in the Philippines for at least six months will each share their stories of how they fell in love with the Philippines and why they have decided to extend their stay, with some even choosing to live the rest of their lives in the country.


“We Filipinos believe that there is a lot to love about the Philippines and its people, but it brings us a sense of pride when people from other countries are the ones telling their story why the Philippines is such a beautiful country and fell in love with it, which they will share in this digital series,” said ABS-CBN Global Content Head Ned Legaspi.

In the 10 episodes of “Filipinized”, 26 foreign nationals will share how they got in the Philippines and what about the country’s people, culture, or environment made them feel they have found their forever home.

Know their stories and know the Philippines through the eyes of these foreign nationals on TFC’s “Filipinized”, streaming via TFC Online and TFC IPTV, free for all Premium subscribers. Get a glimpse of “Filipinized” by watching its first episode streaming for FREE on TFC The Filipino Channel YouTube channel.

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