Music: dia maté redefines what it means to be an alt-pop artist in the digital age

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — With her earthy and introspective take on R&B, electronic, and pop music, dia maté continues to redefine what it means to be an artist in the digital age. Without completely surrendering to the commercial demands of the industry or the prevailing trends that define much of the mainstream market, the 19-year-old wunderkind has always been keen on making music that is representative of both her style and persona, finding unique ways to forge her own path in a music scene that has always been lukewarm to women creators.

“I write and produce my own material,” the multi-talented artist beams with pride. “Sometimes I start off by making a beat. When I complete it, I try to create a melody over that. Once I have the melody down, I’ll write the lyrics and then record them. Once everything is recorded, I’ll add backing vocals, harmonies, and sometimes I’ll sample my vocals and use weird effects.”

Her incredible sense of artistry has caught the attention of Island Records Philippines, which eventually signed her as one of their music acts that they plan to launch this year. “The label is very pro-artist,” dia maté shares. “They don’t force me to sound a certain way and are very supportive of the music I want to make. Plus, I’ve made some really cool friends.”


Her first single “Heart Hates Me,” released under Island Records Philippines, finds the young singer-songwriter and producer in a very conflicting situation after initiating breakup, making a song based on a first-hand experience.

Penned by dia maté and produced by prolific electronic artist CRWN, the laid-back track documents her ongoing quest to embrace self-love, while submitting herself to the process of healing in order to restore things back in order.

The alt-pop sensation explains that she wrote “Heart Hates Me” during a difficult period in her personal life.

“Heart Hates Me is about following your head over your heart,” the young singer-songwriter and producer admits. “When you break up while you’re still in love, and with no other reason than overthinking, you tend to experience the dissatisfactions of regret. The heart guilts the mind for the logical decision it has made.”
Adding a deft touch to the song’s musical vision, CRWN incorporates suave, jazzy rhythms and minimalist beats to give dia maté the push that she needs to deliver an emotionally captivating performance. Buoyed by its sparse but soulful production and dia maté sultry vocals, “Heart Hates Me” exudes effortlessness that comes with experience and talent.

The multi-talented artist shares that her maiden single is confessional and raw as it gets and its level of authenticity is something that a lot of people can relate to and resonate with. “I feel like the vibe can be described as a chill R&B type song that you can listen to absolutely anywhere,” dia maté said in a statement. “Preferably at the beach or a trip, a drinking session with friends, or on a sound trip at home. It might be nice to listen to if you’re recovering from a breakup as well; it exudes post-breakup feels.”

Listen to dia maté’s new single ‘Heart Hates Me’

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