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Netflix airs the first season of Mga Kwentong Epik which tells the story of Maria Makiling

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — More Filipino comic stories are finding their way on the global stage of streaming as Netflix releases the first season of Mga Kwentong Epik. The series is a story-telling show based on original characters and titles created by Epik Studios.

Each episode is narrated by a live host who reads the comic book the series is based on while the story is presented through animation and beautifully illustrated panels. This form of storytelling brings the stories of Epik Studios to life while preserving the classic Filipino comic art style.

Season one is called Mga Kwentong Epik: Alamat ni Maria Makiling. It focuses on Ria, who goes to find an enigmatic shamanic community in a secluded area in Laguna. In her journey to follow the path of her adoptive mother who used to train with magic, learning the craft eventually leads Ria to discover a truth about herself: she is the goddess Maria Makiling.


The first season is comprised of six episodes, all narrated by actor and former children’s television host Bodjie Pascua while actress Ryza Cenon voices Ria.

There will be two more seasons coming soon to tie up the series. The second season will air on October 14 and will focus on Osyana, voiced by Kylie Verzosa, a sea siren who battles a terrifying pirate in order to protect her tribe and culture. Then, the story of Bernardo Carpio, voiced by Marco Gumabao, will be the final one of the series, airing on November 11.

Looks like fans of Filipino comics have a few binge sessions to do during these ber months as the 18-episode series brings to life stories strongly tied to local culture and folklore that are perfect for both kids and kids at heart.

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