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Puma and Lafourmi puts a fresh spin on the iconic bond between Italians and football in new spot

MILAN, ITALY — The new campaign crafted by production houses Bollywood and C41 for athletic brand Puma and sports-focused advertising agency Lafourmi is a dynamic and rhythmical journey with Orbita, the high-end match ball by Puma. It revisits the 22/23 Serie A match ball with a modern and fresh spin, highlighting the strong bond between Italians and football.

Everything about the Puma-Orbita film, which is directed by LEONE, is a reminder of how every Italian has football in their soul. The dynamic rhythm of the camera follows the unstoppable ball across museums, changing rooms, football courts, and the streets, with Orbita becoming the leading thread throughout the video. The sound design also plays a key role in reinforcing how deeply football is woven into Italian culture. A combination of old stadium music, excited Italian voices, and electronic beats by Massive Music accompany us on Orbita’s journey from beginning to end. As a way to reflect the contemporary and diverse Italian society of today, the cast is composed primarily of real people, alongside established football players such as Giorgio Chiellini and Emil Audero.



Produced by Bollywood (@bollywoodproductions) and C41 (
Executive Producer: Bérangère Roques (@berangere_roques)
Producer: Irene Rei (@irene.rei)
Producer: Beatrice Lebrun (@beatricelebrun_)
Project manager: Marco Agnesi
Director: LEONE (@leonedirector)
Director’s Assistants: Inga Lavarini (@ingalavarini) & Francesco D’Errico (@frader)
DoP: Francesco Bartoli Avveduti (@fbafotografia)
Set design: Patrizia Gatto
Stylist: Aurora Zaltieri (@zaltieriaurora)
Editing: Margherita Freyrie (@margheritafreyrie)
Colour correction: Daniel Pallucca (@daniel.pallucca)
Soundtrack: MassiveMusic (@massivemusic)

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