Esports: Fastrack and Irony Esports join hands to encourage long-term healthy habits for esports athletes and streamers

MUMBAI, INDIA — India’s leading youth watch and accessory brand, Fastrack, has teamed up with Irony Esports, a community-first esports platform, to engage BGMI’s esports athletes and streamers to start self-quantifying their health vitals, particularly stress, sleep, and steps to build long-term healthy habits to ultimately improve performance. To this effect, Fastrack has become the Title Sponsor of the War Mania Pro Warrior Cup – a premier BGMI tournament that has received participation from 6500 underdog teams who have fought their way up the leader board to get an opportunity to play with 24 of the most revered BGMI teams in India for a prize pool of INR 5, 00,000. The tournament started on 23rd January and is now in its last phase with the grand finale scheduled for 9th February.

Research indicates that not only is the career of an esports athlete short but also very stressful. Most esports athletes retire by the age of 25 on account of slower reaction time and visible decline in cognitive abilities. The stress arises from the esports athlete having to live and train in their workspace (gaming house) to practice, strategize and perfect their gameplay. This involves long hours in front of screens in a sedentary state, all of which affect their ability to be active, fall asleep and recuperate.

War Mania Pro Warrior Cup a premier BGMI tournament is holding its finale on 9th Feb’22

With the new Fastrack Reflex VOX smartwatch, India’s iconic youth brand endorses the spirit of Gen Z gamers who believe that it’s a hustler’s world and only the fittest survive. By connecting with a force of gamers, streamers, and pro esports gamers who are both fashion-conscious and fitness enthusiasts, Fastrack Reflex VOX is aiming to move this community from awareness to action and ultimately habit formation to improve their performance.

Fastrack Reflex VOX, available in 4 exciting colours at

Fastrack Reflex VOX offers a plethora of fitness trackers such as daily activity tracker, Stress Monitor, SPO2 tracker, Sleep Tracker, 24*7 HRM, and useful features like built-in Alexa, 100+ watch faces, and multi-sports mode, on top of a large 1.69” HD screen. Fastrack Reflex VOX also has a super-lasting battery of 10 days which can be enjoyed while participating in this championship.

Fastrack’s Marketing Head Mr. Ajay Maurya shares his thoughts, “Whether it is about style or utility, today’s fash-tech is very expressive, and Fastrack Reflex Vox, the first smartwatch from the brand, is at the very vanguard of this movement. We are excited to help esports athletes and streamers self-quantify themselves by relying on our features like stress-monitor, sleep tracker, activity tracker to first monitor these vitals, but subsequently benefit from the AI-powered running coach that will nudge them to stick to these daily goals towards long term habit formation. Fastrack Reflex VOX thus becomes a partner for the unbeatable youth, helping them incorporate simple habits while doing it in style.”

Irony Esports Founder & CEO, Mr. Tushaar Garg says, ‘’Just like cricketers, esports athletes now understand that championships are won and lost in detail. Whether it is taking 10,000 steps, sleeping 7 hours or drinking adequate water every day, the approach to performance cannot remain amateurish. We are pleased to welcome Fastrack Reflex VOX to provide a solution for a multi-factorial problem of being able to self-quantify and then staying motivated.’’

Fastrack Reflex VOX includes music control, camera control, hydration alerts, and notifications alerts, thus providing a seamless functional experience to the users. The watch features a soft silicone band that never goes out of style and sits comfortably on the wrist to give a fashionable look. The smartwatch is available to shop in Fastrack stores, World of Titan, authorised Titan dealer outlets, Fastrack website, Amazon, Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle.

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