Canva Philippines’ Gladys Franco on how AI can elevate creativity and productivity

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a ubiquitous topic in the creative industry, but how exactly can companies leverage this to elevate their brand’s visual communications? To answer this question and discuss AI’s role in boosting creativity and productivity, Canva Philippines Social and Community Lead Gladys Franco walked DIGIMAX: IMMAP DigiCon 2023 attendees through the latest AI-powered innovations and unpack the possibilities these open up. 

Gladys’ talk, “Unlocking the Power of AI in Visual Communications” started with a question: Who feels like design was unaccessible 10 years ago?

She posed this question to show exactly what Canva was founded on: its mission to empower the world to design. When Canva started out 10 years ago, it was to address the many barriers that come between the desire to design to actually doing it: needing years of learning it, having to buy software, needing to source fonts and templates, and more. The platform was launched to bring everything a person may need to carry out their ideas all in one place. 


Today, it continues to carry out this mission through the platform’s AI-powered tools. 

“What if I told you that you can be even more productive? Productivity can actually feel magical with the help of some AI-powered tools,” said Gladys. 

With the AI tools in its new Magic Studio, Canva has not just made designing more accessible. Rather, it has also streamlined the entire workflow into a more seamless process that fosters more productivity. From Magic Write, which makes ideation and editing easier, to Magic Design, which allows teams to turn ideas into visual messages in an instant, it becomes clear that these tools aren’t here to replace human creativity. Rather, it takes away the hindrances that keep teams from fully realizing their potential. 

As Gladys put it, with Canva, everyone — of all skillsets — is able to enrich their creative ventures and projects by “cutting down time spent on repetitive tasks and [getting] more time for higher level creative thinking.”

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