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Don Papa Rum explores the magic of the holiday season with an enchanting Sugarlandia experience

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Don Papa Rum, the Philippine premium single island rum, invites everyone to embark on a quest to discover the wonders of Sugarlandia this holiday season.

In a magnificently sensorial event held recently, Don Papa Rum transformed the bare walls of Baked Studios, Makati City into the whimsical world of Sugarlandia, a celebration of the flavors and passion that thrive in this fantasy world, the land between the cane.

With stylized exotic foliage encapsulating the lush flora and fauna of the island of Negros, known locally as Sugarlandia and home of Don Papa Rum, the event transported guests to a realm where mystery and reality meet. Sugarlandia creatures danced across the room, ushering guests to the Sugarmill Bar that offered an extrasensory experience of Don Papa Rum with aromatic and ritualistic cocktails.


Papa Isio’s bar, another centerpiece of the event, is an homage to Papa Isio, one of the leading figures in the late 19th-century Philippine revolution. The bar featured Don Papa bottles and classic cocktails inspired by his legend.

Legendary creatures of Sugarlandia danced across the room to usher the guests to the Sugarmill Bar and Papa Isio’s bar

To level up the merrymaking of the holiday season, Don Papa Rum also debuted two specialty holiday cocktails with a uniquely Filipino twist – the Sugarlandia Sour and Merienda Colada – a collaboration between Audrey Gustilo, resident mixologist and brand ambassador of Don Papa Rum and Black Box, known hot spot in Katipunan, Quezon City.

The Sugarlandia Sour, a riff on the classic Old Cuban, is made with Don Papa Rum 7 Years Old, fresh kamias juice, and tamarind cordial. The mix is then shaken with ice and poured into a coupe glass, garnished with Yogurt Popping Caviar, and served in a garden bowl with smoke-dry ice, melding the festive spirit of the season and the rich greeneries of Sugarlandia.

The Merienda Colada on the other hand is Sugarlandia’s holiday twist on the classic Piña Colada and the traditional Filipino snack turon and ube ice cream. It is made with Don Papa Rum 7 Years Old, Ube Cordial, pineapple juice, coconut, and rice milk. The concoction is then clarified with toasted soy milk topped with white chocolate and kesong puti foam, and garnished with rice milk crackers, banana puree, and a jello infused with Don Papa Rum 7 Years Old and jackfruit. The Merienda Colada highlights some of the uniquely Filipino flavors, and together with Don Papa Rum, creates an elegantly delectable cocktail that perfectly encapsulates the Filipino Christmas spirit.

To bring the Don Papa holiday cheers closer to more people, Don Papa Rum has also partnered with The Spirits Library in Poblacion, Makati City to offer glimpses of the magical world of Sugarlandia throughout the holiday season. Both the Sugarlandia Sour and the Merienda Colada will be on their menu for three consecutive Fridays on November 24, December 01, and December 08.

Discover the wonders of Sugarlandia and elevate your yuletide celebrations by grabbing a bottle of Don Papa Rum in any of their partner retailers: Landers, S&R, Kultura, Ralph’s Wines & Spirits, Boozy.ph, major supermarkets, and more.

Drink responsibly.

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