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Events: Josy Paul to share his life’s learnings in Lions Live Masterclass by Cannes Lions on June 22

SINGAPORE – The full LIONS Live program offers original thinking and expert perspectives on what’s coming next, masterclasses and beautifully produced short films, crafted by some of the most creative people on the planet. LIONS Live unites experts from across the creative industry, from the brands adapting to fast-shifting consumer behaviours to the agencies adjusting business models and the pioneers innovating future solutions.

The Masterclass by Josy Paul is part of the ‘What I’ve Learnt’ module, titled ‘Discovering your unique self’. In this session, Josy will introduce the audience to three of his close friends: failure, rejection and embarrassment.

He is set to explain how these three outliers can help build agencies, cultures and work that are celebrated across the world. With stories from his early years building David (the agency he began with Ogilvy in June 2000) to setting up BBDO India from the backseat of his car in 2008, to the inaugural Glass Lion Grand Prix at Cannes, and creating the most effective campaign in the world. Josy will reveal the joys of losing, and how you can’t breakthrough until you break down. Josy believes that creativity and advertising is a great way to find who you really are.


Some of the other speakers at LIONS Live include Susan Credle, Emily Ratajkowski, Richard Brim, Rory Sutherland, Wyclef Jean, Veronica Beach, Fernando Machado, Trevor Robinson, Pedro Earp, Ann Mukherjee and Katie Riccio Puris.

The full LIONS Live programme will be available on the platform from 18 June 2020. See the programme and sign up to join LIONS Live here.

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