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Events: LIONS LIVE day three focused on brands that practice the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

GLOBAL – LIONS Live day three was Action Day. As part of LIONS Live for Good, sponsored by FCB, content on June 24 highlighted the brands ‘taking action’ in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals published by the UN.

The companies and speakers selected to speak as part of LIONS Action Day were chosen based on the fact that they are highly committed to making the world a better place. IBM with Chelsea Clinton, Project Everyone, Shaftesbury, P&G, Diageo, and Edelman + Unilever, have all pledged to take action with measurable results. They have also committed to BUILD BACK BETTER – with the We Mean Business Coalition.

Highlights from Day three:


In the Project Everyone session, co-founder and UN SDG advocate, Richard Curtis, addressed the LIONS Live audience on the seventeen global goals saying, “They’re a road map, they’re a blueprint and they are the most inclusive plan that every country has fed into and actually committed to that we can use really effectively right now. Millions of organisations, activists and people believe in these goals, the question is how can we make them more famous and how can we use them to maximum effect.” He added, “We hope you’ll join us on this journey for the next 10 years to build back better.”

In P&G’s Keynote, Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer, said that we have a responsibility to reinvent ourselves. “Crises like Covid, reveal the cracks in society and we can’t let those inequalities widen. Now is the time to accelerate efforts on equality to address the significant inequalities that exist, like gender equality.” Pritchard said that the most important thing is to take action, and that call to action is to choose equal for the future. Talking about P&G’s plan for action he said: “We’re starting with ourselves – declaring an aspiration to achieve 40% multi cultural representation within P&G. We’re making solid progress but we’re way short with our agency teams, and nowhere near where we need to be on production crews.”

In IBM’s session on accelerating change Bob Lord and Chelsea Clinton discussed the need for brands to go beyond their brand purpose and commit to action and accountability – especially now that consumers don’t just want promises anymore. In response to Lord’s question on the role that agencies and brands need to play in this challenging time to shape our culture, Clinton responded,What are you doing to help change the narrative, what are you doing to change what people see as possible for themselves, for their children, for their families? Because hopefully if we see that as possible then we start to demand it.”

Day three Creativity Report of the Decade winners are as follows:

Regional Agency of the Decade – Asia

  • 1st place: Dentsu Inc. Tokyo
  • 2nd place: Hakuhodo Inc. Tokyo
  • 3rd place: Ogilvy Bangkok

Regional Agency of the Decade – North America

  • 1st place: Wieden+Kennedy Portland
  • 2nd place: BBDO New York
  • 3rd place: Droga5 New York

Sessions to watch out for on day four, June 25:

13:20 – 13:50 (BST) Vice Presents VICE TV Presents No Mercy, No Malice with Professor Scott Galloway

Talent: Scott Galloway

Category: Keynotes

15:25 – 16:15 (BST) Cannes Lions Presents the LIONS Live Debate: How Will These Crises Affect our Industry?

Talent: Philip Thomas, Jean Lin, Mark Read, Lorraine Twohill, David Droga, Steve Stoute

Category: Keynotes

16:25 – 16:50 (BST) CMOs in the Spotlight: Katie Riccio Puris, TikTok

Talent: Katie Riccio Puris, Dana Anderson

Category: CMOs in the Spotlight, sponsored by The Economist


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