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Film: François Vautier’s Recoding Entropia among VR films competing at the Venice International Film Festival

VENICE, ITALY– The 77th Venice International Film Festival will take place from September 2 to 12. François Vautier’s Recoding Entropia is part of the 6 VR works representing France (among 31 VR works in total) in the Venice VR Expanded category. Due to the sanitary situation, the Festival will take place online and the competing works will be watchable on a dedicated platform. Three prizes will be assigned for this category, by a jury formed of international professionals and chaired by the French director Céline Tricart (winner of the 2019 big prize fort her VR work The Key).



An inscrutable void, limitless horizons, from the infinitely big to the disproportionately small, inert forms with yet violent upheavals, assuming life, emerging organic, a life beyond understanding… Here is how Recoding Entropia, François Vautier’s new VR film, reveals itself through its proposition. It starts with a specific geometry lost in space, that keeps transforming throughout the story until it finally comes up as another figure. The movie intends to tell an evolution of form, species, and intelligence.

Following I Saw the Future, in which he meant to decrypt writer Arthur C. Clarke’s predictions inside an artificial field, and Odyssey 1.4.9, a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001, A Space Odyssey, Recoding Entropia is the latest opus part of François Vautier’s VR anthology about evolution. Extending his experimenting cycle, the French director – passionate about science-fiction – now intends to offer a full and unusual immersion inside an environment expected to be infinite and vertiginous.


Following fine arts studies, François Vautier turns towards audiovisual design and collaborates with several TV channels (Arte, France 2, TF1…) for which he creates various layouts. In 2000, he directs his first feature film, a crime movie called Le petit bleu, then his second one in 2006, Déjà vu, a science fiction movie. At the same time, he directs several commercials and music videos.

Always looking for new methods, he directs in 2016 his first VR film I Saw the Future, presented in the 2017 Venice Film Festival. The movie was distributed in more than 50 festivals in the world. He does it again in 2019 with Odyssey 1.4.9. Then in 2020, he directs Recoding Entropia while working at the same time on two other VR projects with Da Prod.


The movie will be watchable via the following:

For general public with a headset
By logging to the platforms Viveport, Oculus TV or VRChat. Free access from September 2 to 12, for everyone who subscribes beforehand.

For general public without a headset
In France, at 104-Paris, thanks to Diversion Cinema. (Address: 5 rue Curial 75019 Paris). Link for reservations.

And in several other countries: China Academy of Art – Sandbox Immersive Festival (Hangzhou), Comédie de Genève (Geneva), Design Center Flacon (Moscow), ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture (Barcelona), Fondazione di Venezia – M9 – Museo del ‘900 (Venice Mestre), HTC Corporation – VIVE ORIGINALS (Taiwan), INVR. SPACE in Partnership with VRBB and supported by Medienbord (Berlin), Laboratorio Aperto di Modena (Modena), Laboratorio Aperto di Piacenza (Piacenza), Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen), PHI Center (Montréal), Portland Art Museum & Northwest Film Center (Portland), Eye Filmmuseum (Amsterdam)

Private screenings are also possible upon request at the offices of the producer
Da Prod: 21 rue Alexandre Dumas 75011 Paris.


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