Music: Xiklab Digital in collaboration with Syn Music launches “inSYNc” to support Filipino musicians during the pandemic

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – We have always depended on singers, musicians, and sound producers to create all types of music that nourish our soul. When we feel stressed, we cue in music with a slow tempo to soothe us. When we want to feel motivated, we put on an upbeat track to feel more energized. We are all beneficiaries of the work of these artists as they share their own world view through their music. However, because of the pandemic many of these artists are struggling to find livelihood opportunities amidst the global economic downturn.

In view of this, Xiklab Digital, the leading digital marketing agency in the Philippines, has teamed up with award winning international music agency Syn Music, to launch a contest dubbed inSYNc to help Filipino music artists around the world to showcase their skills and talents. With Adobo Magazine, the leading publication for advertising and marketing, as the official creative media partner to support and promote this initiative. Together, we hope to give musicians the opportunity to continue doing what they love despite the pandemic.

“We are thrilled to partner with Syn Music in this campaign which is designed to promote world-renowned Filipino musical talent,” says Bingo Soriano, Group CEO International & CMO of Xiklab Group. “We felt compelled to join forces with them to offer our combined strengths in digital marketing and music in helping Filipino artists all over the world who have been severely displaced by the ongoing health and economic crisis,” says Mr. Soriano.


“The Philippines and Filipinos have a soft spot in our hearts,” says Nick Wood, co-founder of Syn Music, which has worked with large companies all over the world as well as in the Philippines, like Jollibee, as well as the Philippine Department of Tourism. “As a music company, we are aware of the great musical talent in the Philippines and we are very excited to work with our partner Xiklab Digital to help discover and promote this talent to the rest of the world,” says Mr. Wood.

From November 5 to December 5, 2020, music artists will have a chance to win US$1,000.00, among other prizes, by coming up with their own musical interpretation of their chosen video. To learn more about the contest visit: www.xiklab.com/in-sync/


Mechanics and Guidelines: 

  1. Participants may join individually or join in groups of 1-4 persons.
  2. Choose and download a video from https://www.xiklab.com/in-sync/ 
    1. Xiklab Digital Video (30 seconds)
    2. SWRV Video (30 seconds) 
    3. Create your own (30 to 60 seconds)  

(Theme: Filipino resilience during the pandemic – reference: Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat Video)  

  1. Add an original sound design to the chosen video using the following:
    1. Original background music (ex. song composition, musical or instrumental composition, etc.)
    2. *Optional* Sound effects (ex. digital sounds, beatbox, acapella, recordings, etc.)
    3. *Optional* Original voice-over
  2. Submit your full entry to ignite@xiklab.com on or before December 5, 2020 
    1. Video with original sound design
      1. Xiklab Digital and SWRV video 

File type: .mp4, Resolution: Do not alter 

      1. Create your own video  

File type: .mp4, Resolution: 1280 pixels by 720 pixels (16:9) 

    1. Preferred thumbnail of your video

File type: .jpg  Size: 1280 pixels by 720 pixels (16:9)

  1. Post your behind-the-scenes and use the hashtag #inSYNcwithXIKLABxSYN in Tiktok. 

Example: editing timeline, live recording, split screen with your produced video 

  1.  Like and follow Xiklab Digital and Syn Music’s Social Media Accounts
    1. Facebook: @XiklabDigital & @synmusic.world 
    2. Kumu: @xiklabdigital 
    3. Tiktok: @xiklabdigital 



  1. The visuals of the Xiklab Digital and SWRV videos should not be altered. 
  2. A Google form will be sent containing an information sheet and a data privacy statement once your submission is approved, to confirm your entry.
  3. All submitted artworks that passed the screening will be posted in our inSYNc gallery.
  4. The gallery will credit all contributing artists (name, title, and a short description).
  5. The video or background music must not contain any harmful, offensive, sexual, and sensitive content.
  6. Announcement of winner will be on December 15, 2020.



Scoring by Xiklab Digital

Creativity (40%), Originality (20%), and Accuracy (40%)

Scoring by Syn Music

Creativity (40%), Originality (20%), and Accuracy (40%)

Number of unique video views 

Xiklab Digital website + Tiktok




Grand WinnerCash Prize US$1,000.00.

Collaborate with Syn Music and hear your entry professionally produced and mixed.

Get a bundle of pro-audio software.

AllIncluded in Syn Music and Xiklab Digital contact list for a chance to work and collaborate

Chance to be featured in Syn Music’s library for potential placement in Film, TV, and Advertising.


To learn more about the contest visit: www.xiklab.com/in-sync/

Partner with adobo Magazine

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