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Brand & Business: Cheil Worldwide launches e-commerce platform GETTT

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Cheil Worldwide launches owned e-commerce platform named GETTT ( in South Korea. 

GETTT, an acronym for GET THE TASTE, offers a new type of e-commerce service that lets consumers experience various products and find their own taste through rental service. Around 70 lifestyle brands ranging from fashion to interior, beauty and tech has opened stores in GETTT.


Having owned e-commerce platform will enable Cheil Worldwide to strengthen its digital marketing capabilities through accumulating expertise in e-commerce business and customer behavior analysis.

Online shopping turnover in Korea recorded all-time high 42 trillion KRW in third quarter, but there are still limitations in online shopping as consumers have to heavily rely on product description and purchase postscript. According to online survey conducted by Cheil Worldwide, 79% of respondents in their 20s~40s replied that they have regretted online shopping.

As many consumers agonize over online shopping thinking whether or not the product will be the perfect fit, GETTT’s rental service goes beyond the basic function of renting a product. GETTT focuses on providing the opportunity to experience the product and brand, and directly connects that experience to purchasing.

At GETTT, consumers can rent a product and seamlessly switch to purchase if they like the product. The purchase price is discounted based on the number of times the product has been rented by consumers. If consumers wish to buy the product in new condition, they can purchase it by returning the product they have rented, or simply buy it without using the rental service.

GETTT’s rental service is not only for individual consumers, but also for content companies who need various outfits and props. This B2B rental service is expected to improve rental pricing and process efficiently for small to medium productions and creators.

Besides rental service, GETTT offers different trial services to supplement limitations of online shopping which includes free trial of selected brands, and fitting delivery service that enables consumers to try out fashion items at home and return for free. Moreover, GETTT regularly features curated contents that reflect consumers’ interest, brand stories and interview with designers.

“We look forward to proposing insightful trends through utilizing Cheil Worldwide’s creative and data-driven marketing capabilities,” said the representative from GETTT. “GETTT will continue to provide new opportunities to experience the different taste and lifestyles, and help connect less known brands with consumers who appreciate them.”

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