Insight: Messaging is transforming how people communicate with businesses, according to Meta

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In a webinar conducted last June 14, Meta shared new messenger solutions to help people and businesses around the Philippines to connect, highlighting the country’s ongoing investment in the region. These solutions reflect the accelerating shift in the way people interact online and how they want to connect with a business the same way they chat with their friends and family.

One billion people message a business each week on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct—and this is accelerating, growing over 50% in just the last year. In fact, 65% of people prefer messaging over email and phone, and 7 out of 10 people feel more connected with a business they can message directly.

Recurring Notifications

Messenger’s new Recurring Notifications option enables businesses to deliver tailored messages to customers at the right time, ranging from conversion-focused messages, like sales notifications, to content aimed at driving engagement, like newsletters.

This means businesses can now tailor and deliver timely and personalized messages that drive discovery, consideration, conversion, or engagement – whether daily, weekly, or monthly to reach customers at any moment in their journey. Customers are also shown the topic and frequency in advance, so the experience is suited to their lifestyles and ensures a high-quality conversation that deepens brand relationships.

Ankur Prasad, Director of Business Messaging for Facebook and Instagram, Meta said, “Southeast Asia and the Philippines is a key region for Messenger and it is exciting to see how businesses here are leading the way when it comes to business messaging. In fact, one of our core business products, Click to Messenger ads, was inspired by the region. Many local small and medium businesses are built nearly entirely on Facebook and we saw how businesses were using Messaging for nearly every part of the consumer journey. We wanted a way to help support these businesses through an ad product to help drive more customer transactions, and Click to Messenger ads was born. We will continue to invest in features that create seamless discovery and Messaging experiences for Philippine businesses and consumers to meaningfully connect.”

LBC Express Case Study

Philippine company LBC Express wanted to provide customers with an accessible and proactive automated experience for common queries such as tracking packages, scheduling pick-ups, and checking domestic and international rates. By partnering with Jumper.ai and adopting an automated Messenger experience, LBC Express was able to connect easily with a large volume of customers. Within three months of launching, the company saw 75.3% of queries (around 1.7 million custom queries) resolved without any human intervention. Around 213,000 man-hours were saved and 81% of customers gave over 4-star ratings to the automated Messenger experience.

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