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Jury President Ronald Ng on why ‘Piñatex,’ the Grand Prix for Creative Business Transformation Lions, is winning across categories

CANNES, FRANCE — The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022 may have concluded but the creative work never stops. Out of the many categories in the awards show, one is unlike the other.

Creative Business Transformation Lions Jury President Ronald Ng, MRM Global Global Chief Creative Officer, explained to adobo magazine Editor-in-Chief Angel Guerrero how the category differs and how they judged the Grand Prix winner that amassed a $100 million revenue to its business.

“The creative business transformation lions isn’t about ads or campaigns,” Ng said. “It is first and foremost what happens at the beginning of a business or an organization in its transformation journey… not just marketing.”


According to him, business transformation can range from as simple as HR policies to the choice of vendors an organization makes.

Creative Business Transformation Lions resulted in nine winners: one Grand Prix, one Gold, three Silvers, and four Bronze Lions.

During his speech at the awards nights, Ng said that no matter the professional title, everyone is in the business of creativity. “Creativity can come from anywhere, and every one of us has the superpower to transform and grow businesses through creativity.”

When asked about the Grand Prix winner of the category, Piñatex, Ng said, “That piece is winning across categories because transformation needs to be creative.”

“Piñatex” by L&C New York makes use of discarded pineapple leaves as a more environmentally sound substitute to leather. The winning entry was done for Dole Sunshine Company and NGO Ananas Anam.

The brand identified the problem, “supercharged it, and they enabled that company to grow because they have the breadth and the know-how,” effectively converting planet-destroying trash into profit.

“They [Dole] connected Ananas Anam to brands: Hugo Boss, Nike, 1000 brands are using their product. They would not have been able to without organizations backing it up.”

He added, “Everyone is transforming, every organization in the world is transforming digitally, technologically, but who does it in the most unique way?”

Ng also went on to explain how profit signifies sustaining good practices. “Everything has to give more profit because if you are saving the world and lose money, you can’t continue saving the world.”

Just like the case of Piñatex, Ng said that by scaling and multiplying efforts, “Everybody wins, good for the world, good for business.”

AGENCY L&C / New York
PR / MARKETING Peppercomm / New York
CLIENT / BRAND Dole Sunshine Company / Singapore, Ananas Anam / London
PRODUCTION COMPANY Suitcase Productions / New York
ART DIRECTOR Rolando Cordova, Gian Carlo Lanfranco
COPYWRITER Gian Carlo Lanfranco, Rolando Cordova, Greg Collins, Ana Lins
CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER Gian Carlo Lanfranco, Rolando Cordova
COMPOSER Charly Garcia
CREATIVE DIRECTOR Tescia Deak, Giancarlo Rodas, Greg Collins
DIRECTOR Camden Elizabeth
EDITOR Jose Jesus Pacheco, Nicolas Lopez

Founded in 1954, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the home of great ideas. For over 68 years, Cannes Lions has served as a convening force for the global creative community. The Lions, the industry’s most prestigious, coveted creative accolade, receive thousands of entries every year. The work is judged by over 400 authoritative, respected creative leaders before the winners are showcased and awarded at the nightly awards shows.

The winners of the Lions will be announced at evening Award Shows taking place throughout the Festival, from June 20-24, 2022. Further information on how to be a part of the Cannes Lions can be found on the official website.


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