CANNES – The 65th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has awarded the Grand Prix for Entertainment Lions to a series of films for Dutch landline and mobile communications company KPN.

‘Evert_45’ by N=5 tells the story of Evert, a boy in the Netherlands who is shown to be shooting a video of his house like many young people worldwide today. We meet his brother, Klaas, his mother and father, and we learn that Evert’s other brother, Joris, is hiding because a war is going on.

'Evert_45' by N=5 Amsterdam for KPN

When Evert and Klaas go outside to look for Joris, they come across a German outpost and are harassed by the German guards. Eventually cutting across a forest, the brothers encounter obstacles that include an electric fence and a mini-swamp before reaching an open field. That’s when they see a plane shot down from the sky and are wary of the Germans who will likely come for the plane’s pilot.

Nine Gold Lions were handed out, including one for the previously mentioned ‘Evert_45’ campaign and Health & Wellness Lions Grand Prix winner ‘Corazon: Give your heart’ by JohnXHannes New York. Another Gold Lion winner came from Thailand in the form of ‘Friendshit’ by GREYnJ United for Kasikornbank Public Company Limited.

Of the 15 Silver Lions handed out, ‘The IKEA Human Catalogue’ by IKEA Southeast Asia together with BBH went to Singapore. There were also 23 Bronze Lions awarded with ‘Three Minutes’ by TBWA\Media Arts Shanghai for Apple and ’52 Mayors of Danzhai’ by Ogilvy Beijing/Dalian Wanda Group for Wanda both earning Bronze Lions for China.

The complete list of winners for Entertainment Lions are here: 

Cannes Lions 2018 Entertainment Lions Winners by adobo magazine on Scribd

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