AMSTERDAM – KLM has launched an international Twitter takeover with its #HappytoHelp campaign, where passengers’ questions are answered in real-time by the KLM customer service team operating from an Amsterdam hub.

The campaign and the event are created by international creative agency DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam.

The initiative kicked off on October 13 in a custom designed glass pavilion built on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, serving as a central control hub for the international campaign, connecting Amsterdam with various airports spread across the globe. The KLM Customer Service and DDB  team of 250 specialists will be working from the Amsterdam glass pavilion 24 hours a day, in shifts of 30 people team at a time, in order to service customers worldwide with timely, creative and relevant advice adding a personal touch to help them during their travels.
Bart Mol, creative director DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam said: “KLM customer service team is always on and helps their passengers 24/7. We wanted to show how important customer service is for KLM by engaging a team of helpers ready to serve with personal advice in real-time. With this Twitter takeover we want to help as many people as possible, not only KLM customers, but passengers worldwide, to travel more comfortably.”
Pol Hoenderboom, creative director van DDB & Tribal, Worldwide Amsterdam: “For the last half year we’ve been actively searching Twitter for the most common questions travelers ask. #HappytoHelp is a huge international, real-time event where we actually don’t know what questions we will run into. I can say one thing though: we are thoroughly prepared.”
The specially designated KLM customer service team will, this week, constantly screen Twitter feeds in search for messages indicating that someone is in trouble during their travels. The team will then respond with a creative and relevant #HappytoHelp answer produced and personalized for each single passenger in real-time. KLM will try to answer questions posed by people anywhere in the world.
KLM will not only help travelers on social media but also in person at the airport or on board. Next to the glass pavilion in Amsterdam, KLM has stationed their staff at key airports worldwide. Those customer service teams screen the airports for people in trouble and connect with the glass pavilion team in Amsterdam to tackle any travel gripes and problems.
The campaign will end on October 17.