Music: Hong Kong 4As releases an original soundtrack to band the industry together to “Tough it out”

HONG KONG – 2020 has been one of the most difficult years for the creative industry in Hong Kong. Throughout this year, the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong (HK4As) has been launching different initiatives to help students, agencies, clients and non-profits through opportunities to continue to collaborate. For example, the HK4As Create4Good scheme targeting NGOs and the 2020 Students’ Award that was held virtually.

The HK4As also launched an original soundtrack featuring locally famous rapper and producer Ghost Style as well as local musician Ela. Inspired by the stories of those experiencing the hardships of COVID firsthand, the song was written to celebrate the fact that when times get tough, creativity will find a way. The song also celebrates the Hong Kong spirit of dedication and passion to always overcome.


The music video captured the real slices of life of those working in the creative field, showing their actual ups and downs throughout COVID. Shots from the video was turned into visuals to hero their spirit on free media spaces.

A vinyl disc will also be sent to members of HK4As as a memento and rally cry throughout these tough times. The cover art was designed by local illustrator Janas Lau. Created with different people of the creative industry toughing it out to form a bigger picture, a face that smiles and a face that wears a mask – symbolizing all those who have faced this pandemic with their will to tough it out.

Alexis Chiu, Chairman of HK4As states, “While COVID has caused many things to stop, our passion and dedication have never wavered. While we have new programmes in place to combat the new normal to still foster growth and support great work, we also wanted to celebrate those who are toughing it out. Every part of this campaign was made by our local talents for the local industry. Furthermore, this song is our way of supporting everyone for standing this test and a way for all of us to look forward to a better future ahead.”

Hong Kong 4As thanks everyone involved in the video shooting, especially:
Alexis Chiu
Onie Chu
Sammy Lau
Spencer Wong
Eric Wong
Pauling Wong
Winnie Chan
Ghost Style
Ela Alegre
Christopher Lee
Jackie Wong
Jane Wong
Francis Wong
Nelson Ng

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