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Campaign Spotlight: Translated and AUGE highlight the most human component of all, the gift of language

LONDON, UK – There are roughly 7,117 languages spoken across the world, with just 23 accounting for over half of the world’s language population. Professional online translation service Translated translates more than 180 of those languages on a daily basis, and in doing so, allows everyone to understand the world and to be understood. With access to a talent pool of 180,000 professional translators around the world, they aim to create a symbiosis between humans and the sophisticated machine intelligence that constitutes the infrastructure of their organisation.

Today, Translated launch ‘Lara’, the agency’s first ever brand campaign which connects with the most precious human element of all: language. Despite the basic framework of the organisation being powered by sophisticated technology, their output is very much human, and it is this message they want to communicate.

‘Lara’ is a film in which translation becomes a wonderful and magical gift that improves lives and allows people to reduce the distance between themselves and the world. The story is told through a surreal fairy tale set on a remote island in the Mediterranean. Lara is a child born with a special gift: being able to speak every language in the world. A gift that she generously and positively chooses not to keep to herself, but to share with her whole community to help people in a host of situations.


In keeping with the brief to talk about the Translated values with warmth and humanity, and the creative idea of creating an analogue story for a digital service, the cast of the film are the local residents of the Sicilian island of Salina where the film was shot, instead of using professional actors. The music which was made especially for the film was played entirely by an orchestra of analogue instruments.

Translated chose AUGE, an independent creative agency based in Milan, to develop this creative concept. They are a small team who loves to think big: the same mentality that can be found at Translated.

Translated founder Marco Trombetti said: “In a world in which technology plays an increasingly important role, we want to celebrate the most human thing we have: language, which allows us to understand and be understood.”

Federica Ariagno, Executive Creative Directors of AUGE added: “Our client is a dreamer and working with a dreamer is always inspiring. Translated is a brand the world should recognise not just for its great proposition, but also for its unique attitude and optimism. We came up with a simple story, almost surreal, to describe their vision, to express their purpose. Filming it has been part of the adventure. In a difficult moment for the world, a little flower has bloomed on that island.”

Translated uses a powerful combination of expert human translators and machine intelligence to run curated localization solutions with some of the worlds biggest international companies as well as the world’s smallest ones that want to expand their offering outside of their geographical boundaries.


Client: Translated.
Founder: Marco Trombetti
Co-founder & Chairman: Isabelle Andrieu
Client VP of Marketing: Daniele Patrioli
Client Creative Director: Patrizia Boglione

Agency: AUGE Communication, Milan.
Executive Creative Director: Federica Ariagno / Giorgio Natale
Senior Copywriter: Antonio Mitra, Federico Anelli
Senior Art Director: Stefano Summo

Director : Koen Mortier
Dop : Grimm Vandekerckhove
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca

Production Company : Mercurio Cinematografica
Executive Producer : Luca Fanfani
Producer : Martina Perversi
Post Producer : Roberta Caimi
Editor : Eleonora Cao

Service Salina : Jaja Film
Production director/ Service: Roberta Brambilla
Stylist : Cristina Maiorano
Art Buyer : Francesco Colucci

Video Post Production: Applemint
Audio Post Production: Top Digital

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