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Electriclime signs filmmaker Joris Bacquet for Australia and New Zealand representation

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Film production company electriclime has signed filmmaker Joris Bacquet for exclusive representation in Australia and New Zealand.

A creatively dynamic director, Joris has been at the forefront of using the newest technology to produce visually stunning work across the industry.

He has shown this in productions for Issey Miyake, Dior, Kia, and many more, with his work showing a proclivity for aesthetic and emotional storytelling.

electriclime sign director joris bacquet for exclusive representation in australia and new zealand Joris Bacquet
Filmmaker Joris Bacquet

Joris said, “I’m looking forward to joining the electriclime team as I am constantly searching for new challenges and fresh opportunities to express myself and push boundaries with new clients, always.

“I take my inspiration from everywhere. It can come from art or a human feeling, a motorbike firing, and drops on a window. Our world is an inspiration, as long as you can see it and catch the potential of it.”

AI has been a hot talking point for the past few years, with its technology being implemented throughout the creative process. Joris believes its progression will continue to help elevate work to another level.

“AI, creatively speaking, allows me to express myself in new ways and aesthetics,” Joris added. “It consists of the most important new storytelling approaches by creating visual languages, blending inspirations, and creating an incredible new path.

“Being able to live in this era and be part of it for a few years already is mind-blowing. In my opinion, AI will push boundaries far from what our ‘simple’ human minds were able to think of. It’s like you were colorblind, and suddenly you can see colors.”

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