People: Fearless Filipinas march in a book that answers how they came to be

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—To celebrate Filipina excellence in different fields, Bookshelf PH launched a book called Fearless Filipinas last Monday, March 29.

The book launch was graced by some of the women featured in the book. Some are Elda Rotor, Jessica Cox, Kaizen Dela Serna; Angeline Gervancio; Merlee Jayme; and Doctor Erika Legara.


Each with a story of how they became remarkable Filipinas, the women shared in a panel discussion the unpaved road to success and glass ceilings they broke to get where they are now.

For Merlee Jayme, Global President at dentsu mcgarrybowen and Chairmom at Dentsu Jayme Syfu and Dentsu One Manila, there are two voices that she sees women in advertising face everyday: one that says they can do anything and one that negates it.

“Overcoming that voice of negativity is the first step,” said Jayme.

She also made mention of the Cannes’ See It, Be It initiative to empower young women. In the book, she told her story and the shortcuts she skipped for the hard-earned lessons Hardwork and long hours also come with the job, said she.

For other women in the the conversation, the paths they have traveled may not have been the same but has always led them to empower other women.

“Do not limit your worth,” says Jessie Sincioco whose success in the culinary arts is unrivaled, having started in the industry when it was still male-dominated.

The morning was nothing but uplifting for those who attended the press conference. Among those who have shared noteworthy lessons is the Vice President and Publisher at Penguin Classics, Elda Rotor, who said, “In terms of empowerment, it’s our duty to be scaffolding for future generations to build themselves up.”

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