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The One Club announces Portfolio Night All-Star winners with Manila rep Jacob Banog making it to the top

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Portfolio Night 2023, organized by The One Club for Creativity, reached its grand finale with a display of global creative excellence. In each participating city, seasoned creative reviewers meticulously examined the portfolios and named their city’s top creative as the All-Star. These outstanding All-Stars were then presented with an extraordinary opportunity, to compete in a virtual brief competition as teams.

The stakes were high, as the winning team would be rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to the vibrant city of New York in September. Among the talented and promising participants, four individuals emerged as the coveted Grand Prize winners:

  1. Ayan Aden – Portfolio Night Helsinki All-Star
  2. Jacob Banog – Portfolio Night Manila All-Star
  3. Pallavi – Portfolio Night Mumbai All-Star
  4. Jodi Ong – Portfolio Night Singapore All-Star

Portfolio Night Manila All-Star Jacob, a standout Multimedia Arts student from the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, opened up to adobo Magazine what the win means to him as a young Filipino creative: “As an All-Star Grand Prize winner, it feels so surreal to have won this global award. I came into the Portfolio Night in Manila with no expectations of winning, and what more, competing on such a global stage. I look back at everything with such gratitude. I’m thankful for my professor who saw something in me and nominated me to join the portfolio review. I’m grateful to the creative directors I met at Portfolio Night Manila for believing in my work and choosing me to represent the Philippines. Finally, I’m thankful to The One Club for Creativity and the Uber team for listening to my team, and for giving us young creatives a chance to make an impact through our work.”


Jacob’s artistic vision and technical finesse set his portfolio apart from the rest. As he described it, “[My portfolio] was truly a culmination of all my work in college. While it started as a requirement for my Portfolio-making class, I eventually saw it as an opportunity to gather the works that I was genuinely proud of and to even develop past projects. It consisted of a mix of client work and school assignments.”

“However, the projects I am most proud of were my passion projects. These were the projects that I truly wanted to do and had been contemplating while I was confined at home during the pandemic. When we finally had the chance to develop our portfolios, I took the time to list all my personal dream projects and concepts. I knew that these would reflect who I am as a designer and showcase my unique point of view.”

His works impressed the esteemed creative reviewers, who recognized his exceptional talent and potential, awarding him the All-Star title at Portfolio Night Manila, hosted by adobo Magazine.

Following his win, Jacob received an invitation from The One Club for Creativity to virtually join a week-long global competition with other All-Stars. Working together with Ayan, Pallavi, and Jodi, they formed a team and collaborated on a winning campaign for Uber.

From September 10 to 15, the Grand Prize winners will be flown to New York and receive accommodations to participate in festivities, networking opportunities, and in-person recruiting sessions. This opens doors to exciting prospects for the team.

“I can say that my journey in the industry is just starting. This award is a testament to hard work and serves as a strong reminder to trust in my own creative vision and continue showcasing who I am through design. It’s such an amazing feeling to be recognized for doing what you are passionate about, something that I didn’t see as possible for me before,” Jacob shared. “I hope this affirms that Filipino creatives have what it takes to be recognized globally and that Filipino design is worth being seen and appreciated.”

“I was anxious at the start to compete with creatives from other countries and prestigious schools, but at the end of the day, no matter where you come from, you have a unique and wonderful perspective that comes from only you. In fact, the international creative directors appreciated the work that was inspired by my culture the most. My projects such as the concept rebrand for the City of Vigan and my original typeface based on the sampalok showcased my culture and unique viewpoint of the world.”

Jacob encourages young creatives to join mentorship programs and emphasizes the value of gaining insights from industry professionals through portfolio reviews, which helped him embrace criticism and use feedback as building blocks for his growth as a designer. Jacob advises young creatives not to fear sharing their work and starting art accounts.

“As artists and designers, we have so much joy and passion for creating, and this energy is infectious. Share that joy with others. If you can take that first step of posting that one artwork that you’ve hidden for years, you’ll never know where your work will take you,” he concluded.

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