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Brand & Business: Pedigree puts the spotlight on fur babies’ specific needs with 2 new dog treats

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — With its variety of treats, pet food brand Pedigree helps Filipino dog parents cater to their dogs’ specific needs. Pedigree DentaStix Chewy Chunx is a daily oral care treat that comes in a bite-sized format to help clean a canine’s teeth and improve their overall oral hygiene. It does this by reducing tartar buildup, helping clean teeth, and supporting a dog’s gum health.

Another available option is Pedigree Good Chew. It’s a long-lasting treat for dogs that love to chew. It’s free from rawhide and is made from quality ingredients like beef collagen. It’s also a deliciously long-lasting chew with a unique texture that is soft enough to chew while also being tough enough to last. Plus, it’s easily digestible for most dogs and is tooth-friendly.

In celebration of its new products, a private Zoom media launch was held last September 06 to help spread awareness about Pedigree’s new treats and to help educate dog owners on the right types of chews to give their pets. The event, which was hosted by Corgi mom Jaz Reyes, was joined by MARS Philippines General Manager Johnny Racoma and Scientific Communication Manager Dr. Saza Curaming. They were also joined by ambassadors Kyline Alcantara, accompanied by Bumbum the Corgi, and Arah Virtucio and her fur baby Hersheys.

To open the event, Johnny explained how not all pet treats are made equal. “Not all treats are the same! You can’t just give any treats to your dogs because dogs have different needs, and treats have different purposes,” he said. “When it comes to treats, we want our treats to satisfy our dogs and we want them also to address specific aspects of their health.”

Expert Veterinarian and Scientific Communication Manager for MARS Philippines Doctor Saza Curaming explained that taking a look at the ingredients is a really important habit pet owners should have to make sure what they’re eating is healthy and doesn’t have any harmful additives. “We should remember, that as much as we treat our pets like babies, pets have different needs from humans. All ingredients found in treats must be tested safe for pets.”

She also talked about the importance of a pet’s oral health and how neglecting it can lead to more serious diseases. “Four out of five dogs have periodontal disease when they reach the age of three and sadly, 90% of owners think their dog’s oral health is good or perfect. Moreover, small dog breeds are even more susceptible to periodontal disease due to the structure of their mouth.”

After learning about the importance of choosing the right treat for your pet, Key Opinion Leaders Kyline Alcantara and Arah Virtucio had this to say about their experience with Pedigree DentaStix, “I really feel enlightened, secure, and safe knowing I’m making the right choice for my dog’s treats with Pedigree, that I’m feeling them not only tasty treats but healthy and backed up by science.”

You can check out Pedigree DentaStix Chewy Chunx and Pedigree Good Chew by heading to your nearest pet shop, supermarket, convenience store, hardware chain, Shopee, or Lazada

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