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Brand & Business: The best safe outdoor dining at SM Aura Premier and SM Southmall

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The pandemic has certainly reshaped the way we live today. The one big takeaway that we can make is that we put safety first while doing our best to make our way about our daily living. With that in mind, restaurants placed focus on providing safe outdoor dining spaces. You’ve probably seen them convert even their parking areas into makeshift al fresco areas.

Why is it so important to make sure there’s outdoor dining? Health experts, like those from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), highly recommend that adequate ventilation and the ability for proper social distancing greatly decreases the spread of airborne transmission of diseases and infections, like COVID-19. When you take off your mask to eat, wouldn’t it be perfect to do it in a space that’s uncrowded and open-air? Let’s make it even more perfect by creating outdoor dining spaces that are safety-first but also picture-worthy.

Here are the top places for safe outdoor dining areas in SM Aura Premier:


The Skypark Lawn, Level 5

A section nearer restaurants such as Barcino, Prego and Hummus Elijah, this area was reinvented from an outdoor event place into a space that has LED lit polygonal structures. These “dining pods” don’t just provide diners with proper open-air dining but also creates futuristic and Insta-worthy pictures to boast of.

The Skypark Courtyard, Level 5

This is an area on the other end of the Skypark, near the entrance of the SM Aura Tower. The restaurants near it are Ramen Nagi, Mesa, Yabu and the like, takes a more minimalist chic approach. Fully open-air rectangular gazebos are dressed up for that stylish, LA-feel.

The Pocket Park, Upper Ground Level

SM Aura Premier did not forget their walking and biking community. They have set up the Pocket Park which is conveniently located just outside their branches of Starbucks, Providore and Cibo. This open-air area allows the walking community to quickly grab a coffee or a meal and sit comfortably without walking very far inside the mall. The biking community has even more reason to make use of the Pocket Park as it already has bike racks for bike-riding customers to park and dine right next to their beloved ride.

The Skypark Carabao, Level 5

One of the most iconic art installations located at the Skypark is the red carabao made by structural artist, Jefrë Manuel. This iconic piece of art is surrounded by a fountain that makes the setting not just relaxing but has also been a favorite among mall-goers for taking their selfies. Now, they can even dine there.

The Mall Entrance Tarsier, Upper Ground Level

Another of the art installations as part of the collection made by Jefrë Manuel, the green tarsier that can be seen from the façade of SM Aura Premier has been one that distinguishes the mall from others. SM Aura Premier has set up dining gazebos for customers to quickly and conveniently take a seat to eat their take-out. No more waiting until they get home, because the food is just too good to wait.

For more information on SM Aura Premier’s safe dining options, visit @SMAuraPremier on Facebook and Instagram.

And down South, we have the following al fresco dining areas at SM Southmall:

The South Yard, Food Street Canopy

This area boasts a wide selection of food options ranging from favorite Filipino staples like Calle Pares’ Beef Pares to Mr. Lee’s authentic Korean bibimbap meal. It also has personalized giftables, homemade cleaning agents, plants for your home, and even cruelty-free products from Mermaid Island MNL. Southies eventually welcomed this alternative dining venue which led to more small businesses being given the opportunity to be a merchant at The South Yard.

Food Street Al Fresco

To accommodate the growing number of diners, the SM Southmall revamped the al freso area at the Food Street where popular stores like Botejyu, Café Mary Grace, Conti’s, Starbucks, Burgoo, Almon Marina, and Tetsu are.

North East Lane

More stores are taking it outside. S&R Pizza, Max’s Restaurant, Pho 24, Kenny Roger’s Roasters, and more are reviving their outdoor seating areas for customers to enjoy dining in.

Visit @smsouthmall on Facebook and Instagram for more information on SM Southmall’s outdoor dining areas and merchants.

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