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CNN host Anthony Bourdain tastes Jollibee Spaghetti, calls it ‘deranged’

MANILA – In the teaser released by CNN for the return of American Chef Anthony Bourdain’s show ‘Parts Unknown’, the host is seen enjoying a familiar Filipino favorite–a meal of Chicken Joy and Jolly Spaghetti from Pinoy fast food chain Jollibee.

“I sneer at fast food at every opportunity,” says Bourdain at the start of the video while he asks the cashier for an order of the ’spaghetti with hotdogs on it’ before he went on saying “but I’m also a hypocrite.”

After having a forkful of the Pinoy pasta, Bourdain exclaims “the spaghetti is deranged yet strangely alluring,” to which Jollibee the mascot reacted with a battling of his nonexistent eyelashes.


In this episode, Bourdain also got to try another of Jollibee’s signature menu item, the juicylicious and crispylicious Chicken Joy which shows him at the end of the teaser grunting, “I hate myself.”

Chicken Joy vs Chicken McDo

In the past few days, the two giant fast food chains, Jollibee and McDo have been engaging in an intense fried chicken battle.

On April 22, McDonald’s gave away free 1-pc Chicken McDo with rice to anyone who goes by the name of ‘Joy’. This is following the ad they released on air and online about Chicken McDo being the ‘favorite chicken ni Joy’.

Jollibee had a promotional stunt on their own over the weekend which showed Jollibee the mascot himself delivering buckets of Chicken Joy to customers. The fast food chain will also be giving away 1,000 buckets of Chicken Joy for free as part of its #ChickenJoyNation promo.

In the middle of all these, uhm, hostilities, at least we all get to enjoy free fried chicken, Joy or not.

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