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BREAKING NEWS: TBWAAsia Pacific amplifies its investment in mobile with Facebook partnership

SINGAPORE – TBWA\Asia Pacific today deepened its relationship with Facebook with the rollout of an initiative that will see the network leverage training, creative and measurement partnerships across 12 TBWA\ offices in Asia Pacific. TBWA\Asia Pacific is one of the first few creative agency networks in the region to roll out a program to this extent, benefiting over 1500 employees within its network.


Following Facebook’s recent Annual F8 Developers Conference, TBWA\Singapore will host close to 40 senior agency executives from across the region, who will undertake the extensive training sessions run by Mark Cowan, APAC Agency Development Lead at Facebook, and Fergus O’Hare, Head of Facebook’s Creative Shop Asia Pacific.



Kicking off the four week training, Cowan and O’Hare will initially lead TBWA\ through Facebook’s bespoke Blueprint eLearning Paths, the regional Blueprint LIVE platform, and Creative Shop training workshops; as well as demonstrating upcoming developments launched during the F8 Developers Conference, including Facebook LIVE, 360 Video, Canvas, PockeTVC, and Newsfeed specific measurement solutions.


On completion of the program, TBWA’s ‘Facebook Blueprint Qualified’ team will lead their respective agencies through the Facebook program over a course of six weeks, after which, TBWA\Asia Pacific will have trained 1500 employees from all disciplines – including account servicing, creative, digital, strategy and project management – across 12 markets.


“Asia Pacific is Facebook’s largest and fastest growing region with millions of people accessing the platform daily, via their mobile device,” said Cowan. “There is an incredible opportunity here for brands (and agencies) to engage with their audiences on a more personal level based on people’s mobile behavior.


Our Blueprint eLearning platform and Creative Shop training workshops are specifically designed to help agencies and their clients understand how our mobile tools can effectively connect brands with their audiences and drive better results.”


“Facebook’s suite of eLearning mobile training tools is extremely impressive, and a strategic imperative for our agency,” said Philip Brett, President of TBWA\Asia. “Mobile is intrinsic to our way of life. With billions of people now managing their daily lives through their mobile devices, it is essential that a deep understanding of the channel, and its cultural relevance is ubiquitous throughout our network. We aim to develop a leadership position in how our clients’ audiences behave and engage with the Facebook platform, which will inevitably help us create increasingly disruptive and effective solutions.”


Facebook is essentially the largest global mobile publisher in the world, with 1.6 billion users. A recent study showed that 20-30% of minutes spent on mobile are on a Facebook product – Whatsapp (one billion users), FB Messenger (900 million user), and Instagram (500 million users).


In pictures are Philip Brett, president of TBWA\Asia and Mark Cowan, APAC Agency Development Lead at Facebook.

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