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Co-Founder of Team Manila, Jowee Alviar to talk about “Design x Team Manila” at the adobo Design Series 2018

MANILA – With graphic design being so relevant in today’s industry, it’s now a part of global context that can have and sustain a working relationship with other areas of design and non-design. With this known visual power of graphic design in inspiring companies, adobo Design Series 2018 brings Jowee Alviar, co-founder of Team Manila, to talk about “Design x Team Manila” on the 22nd of March 2018 at The Mind Museum.

TeamManila Lifestyle is a graphic design studio from the Philippines, the brainchild of Jowee Alviar and Raymund Punzalan. Founded in 2001, TM has expanded to a team of 50 that continuously builds an impressive portfolio of award-winning works in graphic design and branding.

Driven to push the design envelope further, TM is always on the look-out for collaborations with various creative entities on diverse design projects. Aside from organizing the annual Manila Design Week and regular participation on design talks, TM’s notable accomplishments range from the David Bowie International Outside Art competition in Paris to various publication features inside and outside the country. 


The adobo Design Series 2018 is co-presented by Jollibee and works in partnership with these prestigious institutions: Design Center of the Philippines, Communication Design Association of the Philippines, Animation Council of the Philippines, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, with the support of the British Council Philippines. The event official Registration Partner is TVCXpress Manila.

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