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Co-Founder of Meganon Comics Tepai Pascual to talk about “Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone” at adobo Design Series 2018

MANILA – Design could push artists beyond their comfort zone at just the right time to help them achieve the milestones and goals that they want. More than that, stepping out of comfort zone can help artists explore an idea that might yield a breakthrough.

To discuss the proper way of achieving important positive results by disrupting the norm, Art Director/Illustrator, and the Co-Founder of Meganon ComicsTepai Pascual, will talk about “Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone” at the adobo Design Series 2018 to be held on the 22nd of March 2018 at The Mind Museum.

Pascual is a graduate of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines, Diliman and worked as an Art Director in Publicis Manila. Following her passion to be a comic creator, she has created a number of graphic novels and an active member of the local comics community. She’s best known as the creator of the National Book Awards and Madrigal-Gonzales Awards nominated graphic novel, Maktan 1521. Pascual’s ties with advertising still lives on as a freelance illustrator, art director and a storyboard artist for advertising and movie directors.


The adobo Design Series 2018 is co-presented by Jollibee and works in partnership with these prestigious institutions: Design Center of the Philippines, Communication Design Association of the Philippines, Animation Council of the Philippines, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, with the support of the British Council Philippines. The event official Registration Partner is TVCXpress Manila.

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