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WATCH: How Pacquiao and Mayweather have at last decided to take it to the ring

MANILA — Boxing fans will never run short of scenes and teasers to spend their time on while waiting for what has been known as the fight of the century between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “The Money” Mayweather, Jr.

After releasing the official TV spot last week featuring the two oily and sweaty boxers throwing nasty looks at each other, HBO Sports has released “At Last” a full length documentary to let the fans in on the journey and struggle of how this coveted fight is finally taking it to the ring. It took six years of rumours and hearsay before the two parties finally sealed the deal to go face-to-face.


Apart from “At Last”, The Showtime also released a mini-series entitled “Inside Mayweather vs Pacquiao” which premiered last weekend. The series will be chronicling the life, trainings and preparations that the two boxers are going through leading to the most awaited boxing event yet. In its first episode, the viewers will get to have a look at how Mayweather went from an amateur boxer to an undefeated, 5-division world champion as we know him today.

Last week, “Kid Kulafu”, a film directed by Paul Soriano premiered in Philippine cinemas. It is a story about the humble life of Pacquiao growing up and the struggle he had to suffer through before he became a pound-for-pound champion.

In this movie, fans will know why people used to call Pacquiao as “Kid Kulafu” when he was just starting out in local neighborhood boxing fights.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is all set on May 2 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

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