Brand & Business: Cheil Worldwide signs environment-friendly practice agreement with partner companies

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Today, Cheil Worldwide held environment-friendly practice agreement ceremony with 96 partner companies to take the initiative in creating eco-friendly content production conditions which is first to take place between an advertising company and partner companies in South Korea.

In line with recent growing awareness on ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) management across diverse industries, the initiative aims at helping partner companies understand the purpose and to encourage their participation as its success requires efforts of all the companies involved in content production.


Cheil Worldwide and 96 partner companies signed together on environment-friendly practice pledge, which includes forming consensus and carrying out tasks at content production site to fulfill eco-friendly practices. Cheil Worldwide plans to expand the subject of agreement to all 530 partners.

Environment-friendly practices highlight minimizing waste generated at content production site, improving energy efficiency at content production site while examining usage of green energy in the long-term, extending idea generation and collaborative content creation centered on eco-friendliness, and enhancing health and safety at content production site including fatal accident prevention.

As detailed action plans, Cheil Worldwide and partner companies will use eco-friendly materials in preference to other materials in shooting sets and props, and recycle used clothing and props in order to minimize the waste generated in content production site. In order to improve energy efficiency, Cheil and partners will use equipment with high efficiency for filming, lighting, sound recording, and editing, while expanding usage of electric cars and solar batteries. Moreover, risk diagnosis in content production sites, and safety control education will take place, while Cheil will provide safety manuals in order to prevent fatal accidents.

Meanwhile, Cheil Worldwide also announced plans to support partners in forming environment-friendly infrastructure at the agreement ceremony. The outline of the plan includes establishing existing electronic contract solutions and online business cooperation system, as well as constantly forming eco-friendly work infrastructure such as conducting staff training among partner companies.

Jeongkeun Yoo, President and CEO, Cheil Worldwide: “To realize a genuine eco-friendly content production environment, mutual consensus-making and cooperation is key to its success as ad industry consists of partnership between various stakeholders. Cheil Worldwide will set an example and provide wide variety of support so that today’s agreement could help shift advertising and content business’ paradigm to eco-friendliness.”

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