For Jasper Ilagan, creative director of IdeasxMachina Advertising, it takes a ballsy idea to make a mark. That’s what they have been doing at IxM for almost a decade now. Their work defies norms,  “The ideas that we come up with are the ones being shunned by the big agencies. I think they are too great to make a mistake. For us, starting out, we still have that courage to actually present something, because we have nothing to lose.”

This boldness comes from the unlikeliest of inspirations — the stories he hears everywhere. “Most of the time, I get my ideas by listening to gossip. I always listen to people in jeepneys and buses I ride. That’s where the juicy stories come from. ”

With their non-conformist ideas, IxM grew from a workforce of four to fifty. Their creativity refuses to be stifled, as they work for big brands, like Toyota, Maxi-peel, PNB, Philippine Star, SMDC, Scotch-Brite 3M, NOW FiberAir, and even local government units. In January 2018, IxM saw a dream come true— Hakuhodo Group, a Japanese brand agency giant, acquired the company.

While IxM grew, Jasper also made a dent in the industry. From being a copywriter, he was promoted as IxM’s first ever Creative Director. He was also able to represent the Philippines, together with art director Jo Aguilar at the Young Lions Competition in the Print category. He has won awards locally, and overseas. In fact, he was behind the company’s first ever D&AD in Book, not to mention other metals from One Show Merit Award and Epica Awards Gold. He then went on to snag the Southeast Asia Young Achiever of the Year at Campaign’s Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year awards. Locally, he was recognized at the Kidlat Awards, Araw Awards, Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) Effectiveness Awards, Catholic Mass Media Awards, and the Tambuli Effectiveness Awards.

Indeed, Jasper has found his niche, and in his own words, he will “grow up doing advertising”. Or if he’ll ever stop—  that’s the time he will buy a poultry farm and set up his own ihawan called “Grillagan