Brand & Business: Social Beat launches ‘Decoding the Digital Jungle’, a digital marketing guide

MUMBAI, INDIA – Social Beat, India’s fastest growing independent digital agency, announced the launch of ‘Decoding the Digital Jungle’, a book that dives deep into the world of digital marketing, and how brands can leverage it to drive business results.

In the last 20 years, 4.5 billion people have migrated to the internet which has given rise to a digital revolution. Digital marketing lies at the epicentre of this new age digital saga. It’s a dense jungle, which brands and businesses are constantly trying to navigate through, to emerge visible and victorious.

Decoding the Digital Jungle is the brainchild of three established digital marketers, Vikas Chawla, David Appasamy, and Nandita Raman, who have carefully crafted and curated this practical guide filled with information and case studies. “The book is useful for any brand marker and answers hard hitting questions like, ‘Why should people buy my product?’, “Why do I need to engage with consumers?”, “Why should consumers choose me over my competitors?” said Nandita Raman, co-author of the book and AVP, SEO & Content Marketing at Social Beat.


The idea behind the book

This book is more than just a guide to digital marketing. It aims to underscore the importance of how interconnected our lives are with the digital world, and how businesses simply cannot succeed any longer without navigating through this digital data driven jungle. “Consumer behaviour has transformed fundamentally with widespread internet access and penetration even in remote areas. So, we decided to write this book to enable CXOs, marketers, brand managers and students to understand its power and demystify this vast digital jungle,” said David Appasamy, Co-author of the book and Head of Brand & Strategy at Social Beat.

In today’s digital age, survival of the fittest is essential. ‘Decoding the Digital Jungle’ tells you how to emerge fitter, wiser, and stronger. According to Vikas Chawla, Co-author of the book and Co-Founder of Social Beat, “The book explores in depth, the nuances of brand storytelling, exploring new digital and social platforms, leveraging a brand’s online assets to boost digital presence, and proven customer acquisition tactics to reach out to wider audiences. We wanted to help users successfully navigate through this never-ending digital Savannah”

The book can be bought on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3sPj7Pu

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