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This week’s top campaigns include mazes unlocked by cookies, sex advice from the Australian government, and an acid attack ‘look book’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Every week, the advertising industry elevates creativity with works that get people talking. May it be raising awareness on social causes, spreading joy, or telling a unique story, marketers and advertisers have continued to find newer and more dynamic ways to communicate brand messages to target audiences around the world. True enough, there is no shortage of great campaigns for the adobo Magazine team to admire and celebrate in time for each week’s round-up.

From gripping stories that stay with you for hours after seeing them for the first time, to brilliant engagements that bring the brand to new heights, here are the campaigns that crossed our radar this week:

Crunch, scan, play: Cookies take a trip down pixel lane

OREO is tapping into the nostalgia of the ’80s and ’90s by joining forces with the iconic PAC-MAN in an interactive campaign conceptualized by Saatchi & Saatchi. The cookie brand is launching six special edition cookies with PAC-MAN-inspired embossments, offering consumers a playful twist. By scanning each cookie, players can unlock up to six exclusive OREO PAC-MAN mazes, each featuring three levels. Upon completing the mazes, players gain access to an exclusive digital prize. The playful experience extends to a raffle on the official OREO website, where participants can win exciting prizes.

Sponsor and Bitto redefine creativity with “phygital” art collection

With phygital art marking a new era of storytelling in the Philippines, GCash, in collaboration with GCrypto, partners with Filipino American rapper and Manila-based contemporary artist Bitto to unveil the “Agents of Peace and Love: x Bitto Phygital Art Collection.” This integration of traditional art forms and interactive digital elements brings technology and creativity together, creating an immersive experience where colors, shapes, and emotions come to life.

Why Australia wants you to “check your fun parts before the fun starts”

The Australian Government launches “Beforeplay” to normalize routine STI testing among young adults aged 20 to 34. Executed by Ogilvy, in collaboration with UM, the campaign emphasizes getting an STI test as a crucial step before engaging in sexual activity, in addition to using protection. The tagline, “Make STI testing your Beforeplay,” seeks to educate and raise awareness about STI prevention. The national campaign will be visible across various channels, including online video (OLV), social media, out-of-home (OOH), bar coasters, and targeted placements on dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr.

Acid attack survivor Patricia Lefranc strikes bold pose against acid violence

Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTi) taps esteemed British fashion photographer Rankin and creative agency McCann Health London to launch the “Tear Couture Look Book.” Formatted as a traditional fabric swatch Look Book commonly used in the fashion industry, this campaign is designed not only to raise awareness but also to prevent acid attacks through impactful visuals and storytelling.

Featuring acid attack survivor Patricia Lefranc as the model, Rankin’s photography captures the devastating effects of acid attacks, particularly highlighting the link to the use of acid in the fashion, textiles, retail, and manufacturing industries. The Look Book, with a foreword by HRH The Princess Royal, tells Patricia’s personal story, illustrating the pain and suffering endured, using fabric and textiles as metaphors.

Dragons take the skies — and various travel accessories — this Lunar New Year

TUMI introduces an exclusive 2024 Lunar New Year Collection in collaboration with award-winning artist Weber Zhang from Shanghai. The limited-edition collection draws inspiration from the thrill of travel and exploration, featuring auspicious cloud motifs and a dynamic dancing dragon across 11 products from the 19 Degree, Alpha Bravo, and Voyageur collections.

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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