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Gigil and VML Manila win a total of 3 Merits for the Philippines at The One Show 2024

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Proving its growing influence in the global creative industry, the Philippines has emerged with a total of three Merits across various disciplines at The One Show 2024. The Merit winners will be featured in The One Show’s online archives. The awarded campaigns include:

“4DISH POT” by GIGIL and Black Noise Machine (BNM Philippines) for Netflix in the Experiential / In-person category

GIGIL and BNM Philippines promoted Netflix’s first Filipino original series, Replacing Chef Chico, with a unique installation called the “4Dish Pot.” The 24-foot tall pot was set up in a major Manila mall, featuring 217 LED screens displaying scenes from the actual show. The pot emitted smoke and shook to simulate boiling stew, while ingredients appeared to fall from the ceiling. Innovative scenting technology added the smell of peanut stew, and the series’ stars greeted visitors.

This immersive experience attracted thousands, making Replacing Chef Chico the number one show on Netflix Philippines and keeping it in the Top 10 for six weeks.


“SIM REGISTRATION DRIVE” by GIGIL and Arcade Film Factory for TNT in the Online & Mobile Video / Online-only Video – Series category

GIGIL partnered with Arcade Film Factory to launch a viral campaign for TNT, which portrayed the consequences of not registering one’s SIM. The first video, Hu u po?, depicted a woman shunned by her family due to an unregistered SIM, amassing 37 million views. The second video, OTP Please, showed a man using tattooed documents for identification, receiving over 11.6 million views. The third video, Musta na Pre, humorously illustrated using pigeons for communication, reaching nearly 3 million views.

The campaign effectively drove 2.3 million SIM registrations for Smart and TNT.

“PUNCTUATION BREAKS” by VML Manila and Hit Productions for Nestlé Philippines in the Craft / Writing – Series category

VML Manila, in collaboration with Hit Productions, developed”Punctuation Breaks” for KitKat. The goal was to emphasize the importance of breaks in communication. Recognizing that modern society texts and types more than ever, the campaign celebrated the often-overlooked punctuation marks that provide necessary pauses in written communication. By creating a series of “odes” to these punctuation breaks, VML Manila highlighted their crucial role in aiding comprehension and giving readers a chance to rest between thoughts, aligning with KitKat’s long-standing theme of taking breaks.

The One Show competition was intense this year, with agencies, studios, and brands from 11 countries and regions across Asia Pacific vying for top honors. The One Show 2024 awarded a total of 21 Gold Pencils, 19 Silver, 38 Bronze, and 162 Merits to participants from the region.

The announcement of Pencil and Merit winners preceded the final celebration of Creative Week 2024, which concluded with The One Show 2024 gala awards ceremony at Cipriani Wall Street in New York.

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