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Serviceplan Group awarded Global Independent Network and Agency of the Year by LIA

MUNICH, GERMANY — London International Awards (LIA) crowned Serviceplan Group Global Independent Network of the Year and Global Independent Agency of the Year. The most awarded client from Serviceplan Group is AIZOME WASTECARE, which won a coveted Grand Prix as well as 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze for Serviceplan Innovation and Mediaplus

In total, Serviceplan agencies were honored with a Grand LIA, two Gold, five Silver, and ten Bronze Statues.

Serviceplan, Munich, the largest independent and partner-managed creative agency in Europe, was awarded Global Independent Agency Of the Year. It was also named Regional Independent Agency and Regional Design Company for Europe.


Serviceplan Group’s other awarded campaigns are; Telefónica Germany/ o2 Deutschland‘s “can do decoded” awarded 2 Silver and 1 Bronze; PENNY ‘The Rift’ awarded 3 Bronze; Dot Inc. Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display, awarded 1 Silver and 1 Bronze; and Serviceplan Group ‘The New House of Communication’ awarded 2 Bronze; and AROYA Freedom Grams awarded 1 Bronze.

Alexander Schill, Global CCO at Serviceplan Group, commented, “What an honor for Serviceplan to be named Global Independent Agency of the Year and Global Independent Network of the Year at LIA, one of the world’s most prestigious Global Award Shows. I’m very proud that once again we were able to bring a not only award-worthy but also fundamentally sustainable project to life, that can help to change the world: Aizome Wastecare”

Visit here to view the LIA winners.

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